5T vs. 5 Clothing Sizes For Kids

There are several sizes available at the children’s clothing market. When you notice that there are 5 and 5T clothing sizes, you could be surprised. To some extent, there isn’t much to distinguish between 5 and 5T clothing sizes.

The standard Size (5) is larger and longer than the 5T size. On the contrary, the 5T has additional space for Bulky diapers than the standard 5 sizes.

Parents enjoy dressing up their kids. You’ll notice them wandering through the clothing section, rack to rack, looking for the perfect size clothes. But since kids are in their developmental years, it is impossible to find items that fit them well and are appropriate for their body types

Here is an in-depth comparison between 5 and 5T clothing sizes for your kid’s wardrobe selection.

5T vs. 5 Clothing Sizes For Kids

What is the Size 5 clothing? 

The Size five clothing is for all mothers whose toddlers are growing fast. If you can’t find any other sizes, then size 5 would be the best option for your child. After size 5T, it is the smallest Size available.

Usually, people suggest that the sizes match the kid’s age. This indicates that a child who is five years old can wear a size five.

  • Size 5 is for kids who are between 45-47” tall and 42-46lbs in weight.

What is the Size 5T Clothing?

For a 5-year-old preschooler, the clothes size 5t can be the most incredible fit for them. Since 5T is a size, where “t” represents a toddler, the number 5 refers to toddlers up to five.

Even a set of toddlers and infants sizes 2T, 37, and 4T are readily available in the USA for this apparel sizing. The largest size for toddlers offered by several manufacturers is 5T.

  • The 5T size is for children who are 42-44” tall and 38-42lbs in weight.
  • 5T pants tend to have more room in the bottom for diapers and pull-ups.
  • 5T size is also comfortable for potty training.

Here are Size 5T Average Measurements:

Weight39 – 45 lbs18 – 20 kg
Height41 – 44 inches104 cm – 112 cm
Average Waist22 – 22.5 inches56 – 57 cm
Size 5T Average Measurements

What Size follows 5T?

What comes after 5T depends on your children’s health and weight. There is no fixed sequence. Since a size five is frequently thought of as being larger than a size 5T, most parents typically opt for that Size. Still, other parents proceed directly to a size 6. The Size that follows 5T is commonly called Size 6.

What Size for toddler clothing is larger, 5 or 5T?

Size 5 is generally for clothing that is longer and bigger than a 5T.

Although, There isn’t a reliable way to determine which is larger. The reason is that sizes differ from brand to brand. Even though size five clothing is somewhat larger, size 5T clothing is more spacious.

As your little one turns 5, they’ll be ready to move up to a size 5T. This size comes with prominent gender differences in cut and style, so your child can start to dress like a little boy or girl.

Before buying any garment, be careful to accurately measure your child’s Size and weight since it is frequently advised.

5T vs. 5 Clothing Sizes For Kids
Happy future mother choosing clothes in the store for newborns. Pregnant woman in the shop of goods for infants

size 5T in different retail outlets

There can be some slight variations in size for 5T clothing between different retailers in the US. However, these differences are usually only around half an inch or half a pound.

Some retailers might seize their 5T clothing a little larger than others, so it’s always a good idea to check the size charts before you buy. You can also try the clothing on your child to see if it fits well.

Here is a table for size 5T variation in different retail Outlets in the U.S:

Retail OutletHeightWeightFeedback
Carters41.5-4437.5-42 lbsClose to 5T
Walmart42-44.538-42 lbsMore than Carters
Nordstrom42-44.539-44 lbsBigger Then Both
size 5T in different retail outlets

Potential Difference between 5t and five sizes

Well, for some individuals, these changes aren’t significant enough. In comparison, Parents might understand that there are certain potential variations since they’re the ones that search for the specific Size in the stores.

Size 5 is for children aged five and over

We have previously stated that the 5t would be the ideal fit for a toddler or infant. Size 5 is ideal for kids aged 4 to 14. The 5T offer needs room for the diapers and underwear that potty-training kids frequently wear.

Size 5 clothing has longer sleeves

In general, in terms of shirt length, Size five clothes have longer sleeves slightly compared to size 5T. On average, Size five items have longer sleeves than Size 5T clothes.

5T Size clothing features a waistline

The 5T trousers offer a loose-fitting waist that may be modified. That element is not present on the Size 5 pants.

Tips for Choosing Your Child’s Correct Size

Mothers shop for clothes mostly through trial and error.Whereas others like to take measurements. Here are some tips to help you choose your child’s clothing in the correct size every time.

  • Do not shop online. You could take your kid shopping, let them try on the outfits, and take home only what suits them. 
  • Your kids’ comfort must come first when selecting shoes and clothing. 
  • Buying them too small or a size larger is not a good idea.
  • Organic textiles, such as those without stretch, last for years without losing their shape or texture after a few laundering.
  • You can use resources like charts while shopping. Because toddlers at this stage have neither developed physique features, the measuring method for toddler clothing is identical for both genders.
5T vs. 5 Clothing Sizes For Kids


What are the potential differences between a size 5T and a size 6?

Size 6 covers from 47 to 51 inches and sizes from 42 to 50 pounds. This is a marked increase, particularly in terms of length. While compared to 5t, it lacks the oversized sleeves offered by 6.

Does the 6T size exist?

At many brands, the “toddlers” series ends at 5t. When shopping for new clothes for your baby, you may come across several brands that offer the number 6T.

A size six pair of trousers will be more appropriate for children who, for unclear reasons, are still in diapers because they haven’t learned to use the toilet yet.

Are sizes 5T and four identical?

No, they are not. Compared to the size 5T, the size 4 is smaller. The Size 4 will fit a typical 4-year-old more like a kid than a toddler because of this. Sizes four fits between 4T and 5T.

Bottom Line:

Choosing the size for your child is crucial when dressing them. If you aren’t willing to spend many hours deciding which Size to gain, stick to the essentials. 

This can include shopping in person and using their measurements rather than their ages. The sizes 5T and five should now be clearer to you, and you should feel prepared to decide which size is best for your child.