Newborn vs 0-3 Month Clothing Sizes (With Chart)

 Welcoming a newborn baby is quite exciting but stocking the closet is a massive task. It seems wonderful to see your baby growing and also parents get memorized by the world around them. However, babies grow faster every day, making it difficult to judge their clothing sizes.

The 0-3 month clothes size is a good fit for babies who weigh between 7 and 12.5 pounds and measure between 21 and 24 inches long. Although babies can wear the 0-3 month size from about the age of 2 weeks until 3 months, the fit will depend on the size and shape of your baby.

It can be helpful for parents to talk to other parents or consult size charts when shopping for baby clothes.

 Parents get overboard when selecting clothes for their baby, whether to buy newborn vs 0-3 month clothing sizes? The excitement leads them to buy too many items in a newborn size before their baby arrives.

Before we dispatch to their right sizes let’s look at the difference between newborn vs 0-3 month clothing sizes.

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Difference between newborn vs 0-3 clothing size

 It’s a little difficult to determine the difference between the newborn vs the 0-3 clothing size. Read on to find out the easiest tactics to figure out the right size for your baby.

One of the main differences between newborn and 0-3 month clothing sizes is that the size depends on the baby’s birth weight.  Babies of 5-8 pounds are considered newborns whereas babies of 8-12 pounds fall under the 0-3 month clothing size.

Clothing Size Chart According to Weight And Height

Here is a chart for clothing sizes of 0-3 months babies categorized by brands, height, and weight:

BrandHeight RangeWeight Range
Old Navy19″-23″7lb-12lb
Wonder Nation20.5″-23″6.5lb-12lb
Cat + Jack20.5″-23.5″9lb-12lb
The Children’s Place20.5″-24″7lb14lb
Carter’s21.5″ – 24″9lb-12.5lb
Amazon Essentials21.5″ -24″9lb-12.5lb
Burt’s Bees Baby21.5″9lb-12.5lb

Parents need to know

Sizes vary from brand to brand, therefore it is important to have a look at the packaging of a specific brand before you make a purchase. Do not remove labels from clothes until your baby wears the item.

 You can easily exchange the item if you bought it a few weeks ago.

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Clothing size according to age group

 Newborn vs 0-3 clothing sizes contain three groups that entail infants, babies, and toddlers. These groups can be determined by their age. Between 0-6 month baby is considered an infant. From 6-12 months babies are bigger and at the age of 12 or bigger than 12 they are considered a toddler.

0-6 months6-12 months12 months older

When parents go shopping they are more likely to consider their age in a month rather than their size.

How to select the exact size

Babies are born in different sizes and shapes therefore it is recommended to buy a size bigger than two than the exact size. As newborn babies grow every week.

The rule of thumb continues to be used as the baby continuously changes its weight and shape. Moreover, it is good to have extra onesies and sleepers of different sizes in hand.

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What if Baby Clothes Are Too Small

Newbie parents usually make the wrong purchase decision. A newbie parent usually buys clothes of small sizes that cause rashes on the baby’s skin, irritate them, and also baby suffers digestive issues. 

Don’t Over Buy Clothing stuff for newborns

In this stage, parents should make more practical choices. They should avoid buying too much. Parents should buy clothes of high quality instead of quantity. Moreover, buying large quantities is wasting money and time. Infants’ clothes don’t get dirty in fact in this stage they wear and tear longer.

How long do babies stay in newborn clothes? 

It depends on your baby’s weight. If your baby is healthy and weighs above 8 pounds newborn clothes will only get a week. If the weight is less than 8 pounds clothes are more likely to be used for 3 or 4 weeks.

Clothes for a premature baby

Many parents give birth to a premature baby between 5 pounds and 17.5. In the U.S, many stores now offer clothes for premature babies or for those who have low birth weight.

Therefore, don’t get worried about their clothes size. As a parent try to make a wise decision when purchasing clothes for a premature baby.

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Prioritize comfort over fashionable clothes

Newbie parents get excited and purchase cute and fashionable clothes for their newborn baby. Whereas newborn babies do not like such clothes that are pulled over their little hands therefore to avoid separation.

To prioritize comfort as a parent and also for your newborn. To avoid complicated clothes that will be hard to wear on your newborn.

Avoid spending too much

Buy one size ahead of your baby’s age so that you can use clothes for a long period. This may help you to spend less. To buy more comfortable cotton clothes. Also, it does not create irritation. Additionally, buy stretchable clothes your baby will carry longer.

Clothes for toddlers

When purchasing for toddlers, buy more durable clothes. At this age, they grow and started playing. They tend to move and are usually prone to damaging their clothes.

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Do Newborn Babies Wear 0-3 Month Clothing Sizes?

Yes, newborns can wear 0-3 month clothing sizes. Newborns grow soon so you need to buy them new clothes. Therefore, wrapping your newborn from the beginning may save your future expenses.

Your baby will look baggy but you can fix it by rolling up the sleeves of your baby for a few weeks. Time goes on and the need for rolling up sleeves will be gone.

If your baby is healthy so you can easily go for the 0-3 month size than a newborn one.

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What should you pack for the hospital?

The packing for the hospital must be precise and accurate. Avoid carrying heavy bags with you. Make a list of essentials so that you do not leave the important stuff at home.


Following are some important things you should carry to the hospital:

  • Tissues and some handkerchiefs
  • 2-3 comfortable clothes
  • 2-3- pairs of extra socks
  • Large packet of diapers
  • Blanket

 Important steps to remember

   Pay attention to the following steps and avoid these things while selecting for the newborn vs 0-3 month clothing sizes.

  1.   Small pants create lines when you take off their pants. Also, the elastic and buttons irritate the baby’s skin.
  1. The small shirts roll up to their belly.
  2.  One of the important things is that your baby will cry when you forcefully put on small clothes.