All You Need to Know About Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test Accuracy

A hormone in your body typically develops and releases if you are pregnant. That “good news” hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). You can opt for Dye stealer an “at-home pregnancy test” that uses your urine to determine the presence of HCG.

If the test line turns darker it indicates a high level of HCG. A dye stealer isn’t an appropriate way to know about a healthy pregnancy. It just determines the level of HCG by showing a change of color on the test line.

The Best way to confirm your pregnancy’s excitement is with blood tests and ultrasound, although dye stealers are a great sign that HCG levels are present and strong. Blood tests provide the most accurate results for confirming a healthy pregnancy

How Do Dye Stealer Pregnancy Tests Work?

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Suppose your menstrual periods are six or more days delayed. You can take the Dye Stealer Pregnancy Test at home. Which determines if you are a mommy-to-be and approximately how many weeks pregnant you might be.

The dye stealer test uses your urine to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your body. Urine flows from the collection bowl to a tube with a neutralized pad via a filter. As a result, it changes color immediately when HCG is present. The test line on a dye test will start to steal color from the control line, making it darker than the control line. It works on a dye diffusion mechanism, as the word “dye stealer” suggests. When the line faints, the HCG level is typically low.

The Dye Stealer Test: How Reliable?

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There is a chance that your HCG levels must be sufficiently high in your urine for a home pregnancy test to detect them. But in the case of low HCG levels, the results would appear as faint. A pregnancy blood test will also display the level of HCG. Compared to urine tests, they can detect HCG at an earlier stage of pregnancy and low levels.

A urine pregnancy test only reveals the presence of HCG. As mentioned earlier HCG hormone level varies from pregnancy week to week, from high to low. Hence a home base dye stealer test won’t be able to track it rightly. Yet sometimes, a positive result from a home test is almost always accurate, but a negative effect is less natural.

Understanding the Role of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

Your body makes HCG when a fertilized egg travels through your fallopian tubes to the uterus after conception. The fertilized egg changes into an embryo and attaches to the uterine wall. From their placenta begins to produce and release HCG into your blood and urine. Around 11 days after birth, HCG can be detected in a person’s blood. It takes a little longer for HCG to show up on urine tests.

What Role Does It Play?

It stimulates the production of estrogen and progesterone in your body. These hormones work with HCG to thicken your uterine lining and signal your body to stop menstruating (or releasing eggs).

Why Does The Dye Stealer Test Show A Faint Line?

The test line on a dye test might appear to be as faint or noticeably lighter than the control line and even sometimes nearly invisible. The reason could be you are testing before an initial phase or even shortly after. But don’t worry. No matter how dark, the occurrence of a colored line on the test area during the testing period is considered positive. The darkness is because of the high level of HCG in your body. Your body will produce more and more HCG as the weeks pass, increasing the likelihood that a test will reveal a darker result.

How Does The Dyer Stealer Test Identify Twin Pregnancy?

If the line dye stealer is darker than usual or black, it means that there is so much HCG present that it has absorbed dye from the test line. A dye stealer pregnancy test may reveal a twin pregnancy. There is no evidence that twin pregnancy can truly determine by a dye stealer test. But it might signify that you are carrying twins due to the high level of HCG.

Which Dye Test, Blue or Pink?

Many pregnant women believe pink dye tests are less likely to produce an evaporation line than blue dye tests. The thin, colorless line can make it more challenging to read a result and trick someone into believing they are pregnant when the test is negative.

As opposed to some tests having a higher limit of 50 mIU/ml of HCG, while others advertise a limit of 20 mIU/ml of HCG. The lower the threshold, the likelihood that the test will show a positive result if implantation has occurred. Most pink dye tests have an hCG threshold of 25 mIU/mL, which means they will detect at least that amount of hCG in your urine.

What Does Dye Stealer Mean At Different Stages Of Pregnancy?

·       6 Weeks Pregnancy Test with Dye Stealer

At six weeks, a dye test may show that you are pregnant. The sixth week is the best week to use the test because it is the most accurate.

It can also tell you if your pregnancy is normal or abnormal. Abnormal pregnancies typically have lower HCG levels than normal pregnancies.

·       7-Week Pregnancy Test with Dye Stealer

Some women have low HCG levels in their urine for the first seven weeks of pregnancy. Seven weeks into your pregnancy, a dye-stealer pregnancy test may show a faint color of the test line you expect.

Pregnancy weekshuman chorionic gonadotropin Levels
3 weeks6-70
4 weeks10-750
5 weeks200-7,100
6 weeks160-32,000
7 weeks3,700 – 160,000
8 weeks32,000-150,000
9 weeks64,000-150,000

16-29 weeks (second trimester)
1,400 – 53,000
29 – 41 weeks (third trimester)940 – 60,000

How Can There Be A False Negative Result?

A phenomenon known as the “Hook effect” can occur in specific clinical cases like molar pregnancy and choriocarcinoma.

The “hook” effect or if we say the “high-dose hook” effect, may help to explain why the urine test comes out to be negative. This indicates that the HCG intensity is so high that it exhausts the reagent in the urine, causing the test result to be less than the actual HCG intensity. This varies depending on the test. A high-dose hook effect is probably going to occur in molar pregnancies due to the HCG concentration rising to such high levels.

What Foods Should You Eat To Increase HCG Levels?

Here are a few foods you can eat to increase your HCG level. Remember, everybody is different and allergic to some. It is better to consult your doctor before trying new combinational fruits.

·   Citrus fruits.

·   Apple juice.

·   Pineapple.

·   Cherry tomatoes.

·   Parsley.

·   Cauliflower.

·   Lettuces.

·   Coriander.

·   Veggies.

·   Broccoli.

·   Chicken breast.

·   Prawns.

·   Lean beef minced.

·   White fish.

Actions to Take If Unsure

If your pregnancy test results are still a mystery to you, you have two choices. Wait or recheck in a few weeks. Or talk with your doctor or healthcare professional for a test in their clinic. The best thing is to hold on and maybe wait to retake the test, depending on when you tested.

Many pregnancy test instructions specifically state that you should wait at least a week before retaking the test. If you are pregnant, this will give your body time to start producing the pregnancy hormone hCG.


Digital or Traditional Pregnancy Tests—Which Is Better?

Well, regular and digital home pregnancy tests both functions similarly. However, they might display your results differently with differences in the accuracy of results.

What Low Level on the Dye Stealer Test Mean?

Low levels of Human chorionic gonadotropin could mean

·   Barren egg.

·   Might lead to Pregnancy loss.

·   Chances of Ectopic conception.

What Do High Levels on the Dye Stealer Mean?

High Human chorionic gonadotropin levels are a warning

·   Chance of Twin pregnancy.

·   Molar pregnancy.

·   Your uterus has abnormal growths.


The most life-changing moment is finding out you’re pregnant. It’s surreal to realize you have a mini version of yourself growing within your body.         Right Pregnancy tests are a lifesaver whether you start or continue on your path to parenthood. Pregnancy tests facilitate the journey by giving answers and confirmation to your excitement and anxiety. Blood tests are more reliable than urine tests and can produce results more quickly. Even though some pregnant women might prefer urine tests as highly accurate, doctors still prefer to use blood tests because of their even higher accuracy rate