Can Babies Eat Regular Yogurt?

Your kid does not have to wait long enough to eat yummy and healthy yogurt. But wait, let’s first talk about what yogurt is. Yogurt is amongst those first few food items that are given to babies initially in their growing age. The baby should be at least 6 months old or more. It is mostly made from cow’s milk but can also be made from buffalo’s milk, camel’s milk, or goat’s milk. 

But why is yogurt so popular among the first foods that are given to babies? The answer to this question is because of its high nutritional value. It contains minerals, vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, calcium, potassium niacin, carbohydrates, phosphorus, etc. Also, it contains fat and proteins which are highly recommended for the baby’s body growth and development. Fat is really necessary for their brain’s development.

Let’s answer the question Can Babies Eat Regular Yogurt?

Some of the health benefits of regular yogurt for babies.

a). Good for immunity: Regular intake of yogurt can free your baby’s stomach from the disease (diarrhea, dysentery, etc) causing bacterias. The presence of lactic acid is the main constituent in developing strong immune systems in babies.

b). Treats Gastric troubles: The lactic acid neutralizes the acid-base balance and thus keeps the stomach safe from any troubles.

c). Nutrient filled: Fully loaded with nutrients like vitamins- A, C, D, B-6, E, K, niacin, folate, riboflavin. The presence of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and other minerals is important for a baby’s overall growth.

d). Treats UTI (Urinary Tract Infection): Probiotics present in yogurt helps in treating the UTIs and also eases the burning sensation while urinating.

e). Treats insomnia in babies: You can give yogurt massage to your baby to induce sleep or can also feed yogurt to make them sleep better.

The chart below shows some nutritional value present in yogurt: Reference taken from another website

NutritionAmounts per 100g
Vitamin A9 ug
Vitamin C0.5mg
Vitamin K0.2ug
Potassium15 mg
Vitamin B-60.03mg
Vitamin B-120.35mg
Niacin0.07 mg
Sugar4.5 mg
Iron0.05 mg
*The table represents approximate values.

We mentioned the word “Probiotic” above, let’s learn a little more about it. Probiotics are live cultures of microorganisms like bacteria or yeast which are used in making yogurts that help in growing good bacteria in your baby’s gut.

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First-time mommies get anxious and triggered when it comes to good food options for their infants or toddlers. There are so many options available in the market that confuses parents. No parent can compromise with their child’s health, they always wish to do the best in their way possible. 

How do I introduce yogurt to my baby?

We have already discussed the topic Can Babies Eat Regular Yogurt?


Can Babies Eat Regular YogurtBabies Eat Regular Yogurt?” class=”wp-image-257″/>
Can Babies Eat Regular Yogurt?

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