Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees? 4 Major Reasons

It is always adorable to see a sleeping baby. One of the greatest things about being a baby is their sleeping position. They’ll always stick their booty in the air no matter how you lay them down. It turns out that toddlers sleep like that for a reason.

Sacred Heart Medical Center director Richard Polin, MD, explains that the toddler’s sleeping position mimics the position of your baby in the womb. Their bodies will naturally find the position that’s most comfortable as they get older and move more.

Interestingly, babies who sleep on their backs develop the motor skills they need to start rolling and crawling earlier.

The Baby Sleep Science research indicates that crawling and sitting toddlers fall asleep more easily in the child’s position.

baby Sleep On Knees

4 Reasons Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees

1. Comfortable

It is convenient and comfortable for your baby to sleep on their knees with their butts in the air. In the same way that some adults like to sleep curled up in a ball, so does your baby. Perhaps this position does not suit you, but your baby finds it comfortable.

2. Reminds Them Of The Womb

This position is how your baby remained in the womb as well. During the womb, they may find comfort in sleeping in this manner because of muscle memory.

Although babies do not recall being in the womb, muscle memory is very real. Their body is used to being in this position from spending nine months in your womb. The fact that their butt is in the air can cause your baby to sleep more peacefully, although it is not always the case.

3. Learning How To Crawl

The position of a toddler who sleeps with their butt in the air is almost like a crawling position. Since crawling is the first step toward walking, your baby has a natural tendency to crawl. Observe if your baby is sleeping in this position at night. It could be a sign that his body is preparing him to start crawling.

Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees

4. It Feels Like Being Held

Your baby will probably sleep on their knees if you’re used to cuddling with them or rocking them to sleep. When you hold them or cuddle them, their legs underneath may feel as if their hands were pressing against their stomach.

It may be a sign that your baby is old enough to start crawling and moving on its own when they start sleeping on its knees. Furthermore, it means we do not need to keep watch to ensure they lay on their backs while they sleep.

Now since you have read Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees, it’s time to understand if it is their normal behavior?

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Is It Normal For Toddlers To Sleep On Their Knees?

Yes, It is completely normal for toddlers to sleep on their knees. Toddlers sleeping on their knees is a normal position, according to Dr. Arti Sharma. As babies fold themselves in the womb, they tend to follow the same after birth also.

Whatever the reason, it is important to make sure that your toddler is comfortable and safe when sleeping on their knees.

  • Use a pillow under their knees to help support them and keep them comfortable.
  • Make sure that their head and neck are in a neutral position so that they do not strain their neck or back.
Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees

Why Do Toddlers Sleep Horizontally

Many new parents have this mind-boggling question in their mind, especially with their first child, Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees? Or Is It Normal For Toddlers To Sleep On Their Knees?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that your baby sleeps on his or her side if they are able to roll comfortably onto their side.

Toddlers will sleep in whatever position is most comfortable for them. As of yet, they don’t know how to sleep in a bed. They’re very comfortable sleeping Horizontally (sideways) or upside down as long as they’re asleep.

Sleeping horizontally is also a common scenario seen in many toddlers since most of them sleep on their knees.

Side sleeping is generally safe once your baby reaches the age of 4 to 6 months and can roll over on his or her own. Until your child is 1 year old, place him or her on their back.

Apart from a common question as asked by many parents, They also have a common myth about the bum of the baby in the air which we have discussed in the next para.

Why Do Toddlers Sleep With Their Bums In The Air?

Toddlers sleep with their bumps in the air because they dream about the womb, which is a place they love and remember.

According to a theory, babies have muscle memory and they can recall the positions they were in while inside their mother’s womb. Because it’s tied to muscle memory, it will disappear with time.

It is not unusual for babies to sleep in positions similar to those in the womb. Babies are comfortable in this position because it is familiar to them.

Another reason is that they can keep themselves warm by tucking their arms and legs underneath their bodies. In addition, this may also make it easier for them to pass gas.

Toddlers Sleep With Their Bums In The Air
Newborn baby sleeping on a wooden background.

 Here are a few reasons why babies sleep with their butts in the air:

  • It reminds him of the mother’s womb
  • It provides superior comfort
  • It helps relieve stress
  • It reminds them of being held
  • It’s a sign your baby is growing

Baby Sticking Bum In Air Myth.

According to old tales, babies who stick their bum up are asking for siblings. It may sound crazy, but many are still habituated to this idea. While it’s fun to hear, it’s not always true. 

As mentioned earlier, the baby might want to stretch or mimic the position of being inside the mother’s belly. Some parents just ignore the thought and see it as a routine occurrence.

Why Does My Toddler Sleep Sideways In The Crib?

It is normal for babies to sleep sideways in the crib, and they will move even more as they grow. The majority of a baby’s sleep time is spent in REM sleep (the dream cycle). Your little one should be safe as long as you maintain age-appropriate safety precautions. They may feel more secure in a crib when they are pressed against the sides, similar to swaddling. 

Is It Ok For A 1-Year-Old Sleeping On Knees?

Yes, it’s completely normal for a 1-year-old baby to sleep on his or her knees. Usually, it’s called the fetal position. Most children outgrow that by 4-5 years old, but it is not harmful. Most babies prefer this position because it is comfortable, safe, and warm. 

If your baby sleeps this way, don’t worry about it, and just let him or her do what they like. The best thing you can do for your baby is to teach him or her how to fall asleep on his or her own, sleep in his or her own bed, fall asleep again if he or she wakes up, and teach good sleeping habits. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you should always put your baby to sleep on their backs, not on their stomachs or sides.

Is It Dangerous For Babies To Sleep With Their Bum In The Air?

It’s not dangerous if your baby turns over on back their own quickly. But if they still cannot, keep an eye on them during nap time or at night to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which is caused mainly by suffocation.

Researchers have found that babies sleeping on their backs have a lower risk for health problems than those sleeping face-down butt-up. Therefore, you should always place your baby sleeping on his or her back.

Do Babies Sleep Better In The Frog Position?

Yes, babies sleep better in the Frog position. It is true that most babies sleep better with their butt in the air because it is comfortable and helps them release tension in their hips and pressure on their backs and necks.

It is only dangerous if your baby cannot flip on its own, but overall it is a soothing pose for your baby.

Why Do Toddlers Sleep On Their Knees