Do Babies Have Eyebrows When They Are Born?

Do babies have eyebrows? Is it normal for your baby’s eyebrows not to be prominent? At what age do your baby’s eyebrows start to grow?

All of these questions are asked by parents when their baby does not have eyebrows. Being a parent, it is natural to be concerned when this happens. In this article, I will answer each of these questions one by one.

Do Babies Have Eyebrows When They Are Born?

Yes, newborn babies have eyebrows. But some babies have very light eyebrow hair, which makes them look like they have none. As with all hair, eyebrow follicles develop in the womb after around 22 weeks of pregnancy, so most babies are born with follicles. 

This means that all babies who are born after 22 weeks have eyebrows (including premature ones). Because some babies have sparse or blonde eyebrows, so it’s difficult to see them on their faces. 

However, you will see them if you look closely. If you can’t see your baby’s eyebrows, it’s nothing to worry about. Both the hair and eyebrows grow thicker and darker during the course of every baby’s hair growth stage.

In simple words, as your baby gets older, her eyebrows will become more prominent. After your major doubt “Do Babies Have Eyebrows?” Its time to take a look for more FAQs

When Do Newborn Babies Get Eyebrows?

Usually, it takes two to three months for babies to develop distinct eyebrows. However, some babies have fully formed eyebrows at birth, while others take up to a year to develop.

Your baby is beautiful no matter how it is born, and there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that eyebrows grow based on genetic factors. The only thing you can do is wait for nature to take its course.

Should You Be Worried If Your Baby Has No Eyebrows?

No, you shouldn’t worry if your baby doesn’t have eyebrows. It is perfectly fine if you cannot see their eyebrows at first. There is no problem if they are hard to see when they (eyebrows) are not too dark. Over a few months, the eyebrows of your baby will begin to grow and become more noticeable. 

However, you can also follow some tips to increase their eyebrow growth. You will also read about these tips in this article, so keep reading.

How To Grow Newborn Babies’ Eyebrows Faster?

Generally, babies have fine hair, which means their eyebrows will be nearly invisible to the eye. Many parents become impatient or anxious about this, so they find ways to promote their babies’ brow growth. In case you are one of these parents, there is good news.

There are several home remedies that you can use to grow your baby’s eyebrows, but it is important to note that scientific proof of their effectiveness is not available. As a result, if you notice discomfort or skin irritation on your baby, stop using the remedy and consult your pediatrician.

  1.  Aloe Vera

As well as promoting hair growth and restoring skin, aloe vera pulp has many other benefits. To grow your baby’s eyebrows faster, try fresh aloe vera pulp. Just apply a thin layer of aloe vera pulp on your baby’s eyebrow area and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, rinse it thoroughly or use wet wipes.

You should avoid commercial mixes that may contain ingredients that could harm your baby.

  1. Oil Massage

The most effective and proven method of growing eyebrows on your baby is oil massage. Oil massage has lots of other benefits as well. In the market, there are several different oils you can use, such as olive oil, castor oil, and many more.

Best of all, coconut oil is safe for all types of skin, including baby’s skin. With coconut oil, massage your baby’s eyebrows in the direction of hair growth.

According to reports, coconut oil is safe for delicate skin and promotes healthy hair growth in little ones. You’ll see its benefits immediately. For the safest option, choose virgin, food-grade coconut oil.

  1. Feed Your Baby Well And Nutritious food

If your baby stays healthy and eats regularly, her/his eyebrows will grow. Eventually, their eyebrows will become thicker and darker. You should let things develop naturally rather than worrying constantly about when babies grow eyebrows.

Nutritional foods also contribute to the growth and development of your baby’s hair. Therefore, you should feed your baby food that contains iron, vitamin C, and vitamin E. For example, You can feed your baby eggs, legumes, chicken, fish, carrot juice, kiwi fruit, oranges, almonds, peaches, sprouts, etc.

If your baby is breastfed, then you should eat healthy, highly nutritious food so that your milk is rich in essential nutrients.

So the best thing that you can do for your child is to keep him or her healthy and well-nourished, and just let him/her develop at the pace that’s right for him/her.

Can I Use Commercial Products On My Baby’s Eyebrows?

Absolutely not. You should not use commercial products on your baby’s eyebrows. There are many products available online for growing hair and eyebrows. The majority of these products contain harsh chemicals and can cause harm to a baby’s skin.  

If you have a baby with sensitive skin, it is best to avoid using these products. Furthermore, your baby might mistakenly ingest the product, as infants love to put stuff in their mouths.

You should avoid using commercial products, not only for eyebrows but for any hair or body part of your baby, and also save both time and money (commercial products cost a lot). 

It is crucial to remember that every healthy baby develops eyebrows eventually, so it is not necessary to speed up this process with harmful commercial products.

In case you are worried about your baby’s eyebrows, you can use natural remedies like coconut oil or aloe vera instead of commercial products that may hurt your baby.

Can I Draw Eyebrows On My Baby?

A recent trend on social media is some parents drawing fake eyebrows on their babies. As a parent, I would not suggest doing it, not only because I don’t think it’s funny or amusing, but because it could harm your baby. 

You shouldn’t ever draw fake eyebrows with eyeliners or other makeup on your baby due to their sensitive skin. Since everything you apply to their skin absorbs into their bloodstream. When the little one ingests it, it can cause severe reactions such as rashes or breakouts.

If you want to draw on your eyebrows, use products made with sensitive skin in mind. Be sure everything you use is FDA-approved and washable. Don’t use markers or pens on your baby’s face because they may cause breakouts. If you hurt your baby’s eyes during the application, you would feel horrible.

Does A Baby Without Eyebrows Look Worse?

As we all know, babies are so adorable. With their smooth, fair skin, chubby cheeks, and bright eyes, they look adorable. People don’t even seem to care about whether they have eyebrows or not unless they see babies. 

In comparison to adults, your baby’s lack of eyebrows has a negligible effect on how he looks. If your baby’s eyebrows aren’t visible yet, don’t worry, you will see them as your baby grows.

Why Have My Babies Eyebrows Gone Red?

Have you ever noticed your baby’s eyebrows turning red? If your baby’s eyebrows turn red, there are two possible causes. 

Baby Maybe Tired 

A flushed or red area around your baby’s eyebrows may indicate that he or she is tired and needs to rest. In the same way that babies yawn and rub their eyes when they’re tired, if you notice red eyebrows, it could indicate it’s nap time. 

It is beneficial to start preparing for bedtime a little bit early for your baby. Your baby may become too tired if you delay. And we all know how challenging it is to calm down an overtired baby.

Food Reactions In Your Baby

Another reason why the baby’s eyebrows turn red is that the baby is reacting to something in your milk. Babies who are breastfed usually have this problem. 

As a nursing mom, when you consume nuts, dairy products, or other allergens while nursing your baby, you may notice redness around the eyebrows and perhaps other parts of his/her face. In most cases, the red eyebrows disappear within 10-20 minutes.

Whenever you feed your baby any food that causes an allergic reaction, you should remove it from the diet. 

If a baby is formula-fed, the eyebrows may turn red due to mild lactose intolerance. Gas and runny poo (waterier than expected) are also possible. If you’re concerned, switch to a soy-based formula.

You should always talk to your pediatrician before making any dietary changes.

Does The Color Of A Baby’s Eyebrows Change Over Time?

Yes, As your baby grows, their light eyebrows are sure to thicken and become more noticeable. However, sometimes even your baby’s eyebrows can change color.

You can expect your baby’s hair to change color as he or she gets older. For example, if a baby is born with light hair, their hair darkens with age. In the first year of life, some babies’ hair changes color from brown to red to blonde.

During the first few months after birth, his/her eyebrows may change color just as much as the rest of her hair, so don’t be surprised. After their second birthday, babies usually have achieved their final color.

Do Babies Have Eyebrows

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