Do Babies Lose Weight When They Start Walking?

One of the most exciting and memorable moments of parenthood is watching your baby learn to walk. Walking is one of the most important milestones a baby reaches in his or her life. 

As a parent, you may be wondering do babies lose weight when they start walking?

Yes, babies lose weight when they start walking. Some babies may lose a small amount of weight as they start to walk, but this is typically normal and not cause for concern. 

As toddlers learn to walk, their legs and arms become bigger and they lose some fat around their stomachs and face. In this way, they appear less like a baby and more like a young child. It’s a healthy sign when they lose weight in this manner. 

When your baby starts panting or gasping for breath after walking or crawling, only then do you need to worry. It means your baby does not have sufficient energy, so you should consult your pediatrician.

Whenever you have any questions or concerns about the weight of your baby, speak to your pediatrician. 

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Do Babies Lose Weight When They Become More Active?

Yes, babies lose weight when they become more active because they start to use their muscles and burn calories. When a baby becomes more active, his or her metabolic rate increases.

This leads to them losing weight when they start crawling and walking. This is a normal developmental period in your baby’s life, so don’t worry too much about it. 

As babies grow older and more active, they may have lost the “baby fat,” and they might have become shorter. It is completely normal for babies to lose weight in this way.

However, it is wise to see a doctor if your baby gasps for breath after walking or crawling because it means he or she does not have enough energy to be active.

Do Babies Lose Weight When They Start Walking

What Can Cause A Baby To Lose Weight?

The following are some possible causes that may contribute to your baby losing weight:

1. Baby’s Activeness

One of the most common reasons for weight loss in babies is that they are extremely active, which results in a high metabolic rate. As babies become more active, their metabolism increases.

This causes them to lose weight when they start crawling and walking. 

You should definitely change your child’s diet and add more nutritious foods, even though this is a healthy sign. The only time you should worry is when your baby gasps for breath after walking or crawling.

If it happens to your baby, it means he doesn’t have enough energy to be active, so you should see a doctor.

2. Having Long Intervals Between Meals

Babies should be fed at least every three to four hours. Meals or snacks can be given to babies. If you think that you can feed your baby a heavy meal twice a day, you are mistaken. It is important for your baby to consume nutrients at regular intervals.

3. Infection Due To Worm

Worms in a baby’s intestine can cause them to lose or gain weight as they absorb all the nutrients from the food you give them. If your baby has a worm infection, the pediatrician will prescribe the proper medication to help get rid of worms and help the baby gain weight.

4. Genetics

Hereditary conditions can also cause babies to have a low weight. Your doctor may ask you about your family history to find out if there is a genetic condition that could explain your child’s slow weight gain.

It is important to understand your husband’s family tree in order to determine if this is the cause of your baby’s low weight. See if anyone on your husband’s parent’s side is thinner.

5. Poor/Lack Of Nutrition

Babies can lose weight if they don’t receive enough nutrition. If you keep your baby on milk, rice, or dal, he or she will not get enough nutrients. To make your baby’s food rich in nutrition, add more nutritious ingredients like ghee, Kerala bananas, butter, eggs, cream, and sweet potatoes.

6. Illness

If your baby is suffering from a fever, a cold, or a cough, they lose weight. It’s normal for sick babies not to feel like eating food. After he/she recovers, you can balance this situation. 

7. Weaning 

During the weaning process, babies lose weight. The term “weaning” refers to the process by which your baby obtains food from sources other than breast milk.

In general, weight gain does not always indicate good health, and weight loss does not necessarily indicate bad health.

However, both conditions cannot be ignored. Before making any conclusions, it is always a good idea to consult your pediatrician. A baby can lose weight at any time after birth due to the influence of external factors. 

When Should I Worry About My Baby Losing Weight?

It is important to keep in mind that every baby has its own growth curve, so as long as your baby follows that curve, you shouldn’t worry about his or her growth. Every baby grows at a different rate. Most babies grow quickly and easily after birth. 

However, some babies do not gain weight as quickly as expected, even if they are eating well. Weight loss is a concern because it can lead to developmental delays, behavioral problems, and infections.

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If you are a parent, at what point should you start worrying about your baby’s weight?

When growth problems persist for a long time, it is known as “failure to thrive.” Your pediatrician will monitor your weight during well-child visits and tell you if it is a problem. The following are the three major causes of weight loss in babies: 

  • Not taking in enough calories.
  • Not absorbing calories.
  • Burning too many calories.

If your baby is losing weight and not gaining as his or her growth curve, you do not need to worry alone. Talk to your healthcare professional and follow their advice. Within a few days, you will see a difference.

Final words

Above, I’ve answered the question: Do babies lose weight when they start walking and other related questions. I hope that you now understand why babies lose weight when they walk and when they become more active.

Walking is a great achievement for babies – it shows that they are becoming stronger and more mobile. But do babies lose weight when they start walking? In short, yes. It is normal for some babies to lose a small amount of weight when they begin walking. This is a normal part of your baby’s development, so you do not need to worry about it too much.  

As long as there are no other underlying causes for the lost weight, like an illness or something else that needs medical attention, then your little one should be just fine during this time in his/her development. Talk to your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns about your baby’s weight.

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Do Babies Lose Weight When They Start Walking?

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