How To Put A Hyper Baby To Sleep – 8 Best Practices

How to put a hyper baby to sleep?

In this article, we will discuss How to put a hyper baby to sleep? In the previous blog post, we wrote on the topic of When Do Babies Sleep Through The Night Naturally

Well, Hyperactive babies are restless, fidgety, and easily bored. Sometimes they have trouble holding still or staying quiet. Some hyperactive babies may go through things quickly and make careless mistakes. When they shouldn’t, they will jump, climb, and roughhouse. Unknowingly, they may act in a disruptive manner.

Perhaps your baby is not experiencing sleep problems regularly. But there are times when the baby can have difficulty sleeping. This usually occurs when the baby becomes hyper at night. In hyper babies, the baby will suddenly burst into energy and won’t go to sleep. A cranky baby is not a hyper baby.

If your baby is cranky, there is usually a reason for it. Either the baby is hungry or sleepy or is in discomfort. However, when a baby gets hyper, he or she does not really experience any discomfort. Basically, the baby is just excited and does not want to go to sleep, so instead of sleeping, he wants to play with you. In this case, there is nothing wrong with the baby, so this is not an easy problem to solve.

Tips To Put A Hyper Baby To Sleep

A baby getting hyper during the night is normal. However, the only problem is that if you need to be in the office the next day, you will be too tired to play with the baby at night. Here are some simple tips for preventing your baby from being hyper at night and helping to put a hyper baby to sleep:

  • Have An Evening Rituals: When darkness falls, hormones in the body cause us to feel sleepy. So make sure your baby knows the sun has set and it is evening time. To let your baby know that the day is ending, take them out to the balcony once or switch on the lights at home.
  • Turn Off The Light: Make sure you have a signal that tells your baby it is time to sleep. Turning off the lights and having a dim night light is a very good way to induce sleep.
  • Do Not Let The Baby Get Hyper In The Evening: Many parents believe that if the baby plays a lot and gets all excited, he or she will sleep well at night. In reality, it is very difficult to calm the baby at night once he becomes hyper in the evening.
  • Sing To Your Baby: Babies recognize their mothers’ voices from the womb. Keep your baby close to you and sing or hum to him/her. You’ll find it very soothing for him/her.
  • A Warm Bath: Nothing soothes your baby’s senses more than a warm bath. If it is summer, use lukewarm water to bathe your child. In winter, you can only use the bath if the house is well heated. During the night, some baby products help to soothe babies.
  • Baby & Mommy Time: Nighttime is mommy and baby time only. While there might be many family members, as night falls it is best to keep the baby away from too many people. Baby gets excited whenever people are around and wants to interact with them.
  • Silent Treatment: In case all of these methods fail, you can try silent treatment since you have no other option. It’s best to let your baby play in a safe crib or cot but keep an eye on him/her. Your baby will tire of playing if you don’t respond to them and will go to sleep on their own.

These methods will help you put a hyper baby to sleep. Furthermore, there are some baby products that can help your baby sleep Such as Miracle Blanket and Sleep Sacks, White Noise Machine or Music Player, Bedtime Story Books, etc. 

These products will help you to sleep your Hyper baby if you are having trouble getting your toddler to sleep at night (and keep them asleep). Many other parents appreciate these helpful and soothing sleepy-time products.

How To Put A Hyper Baby To Sleep

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