How To Save Baby Teeth For Stem Cells At Home in 3 Steps

If you want to save your baby’s teeth at home and wondering How To Save Baby Teeth For Stem Cells At Home then, here is the detailed post for you

Let’s see how you can do that:

How to save baby teeth for stem cells at home

Clean the fallen teeth with soap and water, disinfect them and dry them up really nicely to prevent any bacteria. This will help you save the teeth for a long time.

The first step for tooth preservation is to ensure that it’s appropriately disinfected and well-hydrated. 

Step 1: Clean the extracted tooth

Clean the blood using a disinfectant on the teeth and rinse with clean water and soap. 

Obvious Tip: Wash your hands before and after you clean the teeth. 

Step 2: Preserve the teeth in a sealed container

Pour the liquid into the container and place the tooth inside and close the lid properly. 

  • Use distilled water or saline as a preferred liquid for short-term storage. Change the water or saline every day to keep it away from bacteria and ensure storage for an extended period. 
  • Use household 1:10 bleach bleach-water solution to avoid contamination and prevent bacteria. Don’t keep it in this mixture for longer than a few weeks – the tooth gets brittle.

Step 3: Dry 

Use a towel to dry the teeth completely. 

Tip: Consult your child’s dentist and see if they have any additional information to give you to store baby teeth. 

Storing baby teeth is recommended by doctors, but parents also prefer to keep them as a sentiment. A few of my “mommy” friends did that. A few things that they told me-

Where to store baby teeth for stem cells?

Store the fallen teeth in a sealed container after you dry them. You can also find keepsake boxes to store it. If you don’t want to use that- you can simply find a ring or jewelry box and store it inside it. 

Why should you save baby teeth for the future?

It is suggested by doctors to preserve your baby’s teeth. Milk teeth are a rich source of stem cells that help with specialized functions. In case your child needs any tissue replacement in the future, the stem cells can be extracted from their preserved milk teeth and help your child with the regeneration of other cells in the body. 

Are you still confused? Let’s dive into the details.

“How to store baby teeth for stem cells at home?”

What? That was my first question when I heard this from one of my friends while talking about storing baby teeth. 

A little back story-

“Mom, I just broke my tooth.”

“Let’s keep it under your pillow and wait for the tooth fairy to come and exchange it for some gifts or money.”

Haha! How many of you remember this story from your childhood? 

It was all fun and games until I grew up, and I answered the same to my daughter, who lost her tooth a few weeks back. I probably got a bit nostalgic. 

I was telling my friends about this cute incident of my daughter losing her teeth, and 5 minutes into the conversation, all the moms started talking about how they preserved their child’s baby teeth after they had fallen out. 

And, I was like, “Whaaaat?”

That’s where I began my research by talking to some other moms. And after a lot of ifs and buts, I’m writing this for parents who are in the same position as I was when I first heard of storing baby teeth at home. 

Why you should save your child’s teeth

So, after I exchanged the tooth under my daughter’s pillow, for a second, I was like, “What should I do with it?”

But, thanks to all the research I did a day before. Apparently, if you hold on to a baby’s teeth, it could save a life one day. 

Save a life?

Ah, yes! You read it right. 

In 2003, a scientific study proved that milk teeth are a rich source of stem cells. 

Stem cells? What are stem cells? 

Think of stem cells as the master cells of your body- they help generate other cells with specialized functions. 

stem cells

So, God forbid, if your child needs a tissue transplant or replacement in the future, the stem cells could be used from their milk teeth to help with the procedure. 

Now you might have this question- “Don’t they have donors for this?”

And the answer is “No.”

According to BioEden– a specialized bank for your child’s tooth cells, 

  • Using personalized cells will become the medical treatment of choice – but you need to use your cells to take advantage. 
  • Your child’s cells are their only perfect match – no rejection, no search, or appeals for a donor.
  • Younger is better – as, with the rest of our bodies, cells age over time, so banking cells, when they are young, ensures they retain their optimum potency.

But, if you think that you can preserve the tooth anywhere possible, then you are mistaken. The tooth needs a proper environment to be kept so that it can be used later when needed. 

In that case, you can store baby teeth with these banks. However, they come at a cost, a heavy one. But, it’s undoubtedly worth it as it will help your child in the future if needed. 

 What to do with baby teeth

  1. To my surprise, there are some keepsake boxes available to store baby teeth, and they are so cute that you would want to buy them just like that 😛
baby teeth

2. You can hold on to your child’s teeth in an envelope and place it in your baby’s book of memories. 
3. Tooth jewelry- That’s kind of weird to me but if you like the idea, go with it. 

Wrapping up!

The learning curve as a parent never stops. We learn new things every day- whether it’s about sleep training or baby burps

We would surely laugh at these questions if we were young. But, I am sure you moms would resonate with me on how every little thing attached to our child is a part of us, and we can surely get super emotional. 

So, that was our lesson of the day- “How to save baby teeth for stem cells at home.”

Let me know what you would prefer doing with your child’s fallen teeth in the comments below 🙂


Should you save baby teeth for stem cells?

Medical claims that a baby’s milk teeth are used to harvest stem cells which can later help with tissue replacement for your child. Hence, it’s a good idea to save baby teeth for stem cells. 

Can you store baby teeth for stem cells at home?

However, you can do that at home by taking some precautions; it is good to trust a bank for proper harvesting and preservation of stem cells from milk teeth for a longer time. 

How can I preserve my baby’s teeth at home? 

Teeth don’t deteriorate so quickly but can lose their shine eventually. Hence it is advised to clean the teeth properly with a disinfectant and dry it out properly with a cloth to prevent any molds or bacteria that can damage the teeth. 

How To Save Baby Teeth For Stem Cells At Home

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