Is It Hard To Put A Child Up For Adoption? 7 Step Guide

is it hard to put a child up for adoption and how to put a baby up for adoption are the common questions that many women think of if they have an unplanned pregnancy.

However, adoption is a personal choice and the parents are the ones that have to make the decisions. In this post, we have discussed many vital questions that will cross your mind if you are planning to put your baby up for adoption.

In this article, we will be shedding light on every aspect of putting up a child for adoption. It will serve you as a complete guide to the question, Is it hard to put a child up for adoption, and what all steps are required by you as a parent to do the process.

But before that, It is vital to know that adoption can always be a matter of choice:

  • You can choose adoption after birth.
  • You can choose adoption at the hospital.
  • One can opt for adoption at any time.

The most vital information to keep in mind is that putting a baby up for adoption is expected; if you will, you can’t raise your child due to any given reason. There can be women, who have faced a situation where they have an unplanned pregnancy, and wondering how they would raise their child when they don’t have appropriate circumstances.

If you are stuck with something in your life, and you know that you cannot fulfill the responsibilities of parenthood, then the secure future of your child will be in danger and can only secure it; if you put your baby up for adoption.

When you go with this adoption decision, you make a thoughtful choice for your baby’s safe and bright future. Unplanned pregnancy or any later issue in life forces you to think that you did not need this baby for now. It can be a worrisome situation to know what to do.

Many may think about abortion, and that is entirely a different debate. 

However, when you choose to put a baby up for adoption, there is no reason to think about abortion. You can easily plan out a great future for your baby by adopting. Choose a family that is loving and caring for your child. However, it is not a hard decision to make, and consideration and thinking are required. Firstly, there is a need to think about the best interest of your baby

You are putting up your baby for adoption because you think that you won’t provide better attention and life to your baby, which an adopted family would give to him.

Whatever the situation and circumstances are, it is always a brave and difficult decision to put up your baby for adoption. You may think that you are giving up your child for some time, but you give them to a family who waited so long to have a baby in their house, so their love and care for your baby would be matchless.

Raising a baby is the most beautiful thing.

An American actress, Katey Sagal, once said, I’ve never loved anybody the way I love my children.” 

This quote by an actress shows that whatever you may be in your personal and professional life, loving your baby is a great feeling to have. So, when you have made a final decision to put up your baby for adoption, you have to follow specific steps to ensure you have done it correctly;

The answer to your question, is it hard to put a child up for adoption? Will get clear as you read on the steps of the process.

Lets see the most important question: How to Put a Baby Up for Adoption?

Step 1: You are Pregnant: What to do then?

You have just visited a doctor, and she has told you that you are having a pregnancy of a few months. The first thing is to take this news seriously by taking the required measures for your health and well-being to go through this period without any health complications.

Your doctor determines the due date of birth, so you will have a clear idea when you will give birth to a baby. It is vital to understand that pregnancy can have various complications for a woman, and these can only be avoided with proper health checkups and follow-up with your doctor. 

Therefore, a good healthcare service will remain to be a critical element for your period of pregnancy. So, it would be best to take care of your health as instructed by your doctor and complete this process with a happy ending.

You may also think about various options you have, like abortion or parenting, or going for your baby’s adoption.

Step 2: Moving Forward with a Decision of Adoption

Once you have made up your mind by taking a final decision of adoption, you are entered into the process. Some may decide because you think you don’t have a stable financial life to raise your baby.

Some others may think about better education and career opportunities, and many may think about adoption because they lack the essence of parenting with a total commitment. Whatever your logic behind this decision is, you can discuss various options with a service provider who provides parents with an adoption facility. It is a time when you will finalize an adoption plan to move forward.

Whatever questions you have in your mind, always ask them to your professional adoption service provider. The adoption professional and facilitators will be great resources for drafting an adoption plan with all relevant facts and options not to miss anything.

Step 3: Decision to Choose an Adoptive Family

Choosing a family is one of the most critical steps to accomplish in the process of putting up your baby for adoption. It is up to you what kind of adoptive family you want and how you want to review their credentials.

You have to be sure about the professional adoption service provider that they have a legitimate business, and they have a good screening process in place for the selection of adoptive families. Some of you can leave this decision at the discretion of the service provider to choose a suitable family; however, if you want to make this decision on your own, know well about the families to decide which family will adopt your baby.

Moreover, you can ask for constant contact with the adoptive family, or you can leave everything on the shoulders of the service provider to keep a check on the family to see if the baby is raised well or not. You can collect as much information about the adoptive family as you want.

You can ask the adoptive family to share details, photos, progress, and videos regarding your baby now and then.

Step 4: Birth and Hospital Plan

Once you have chosen an adoptive family, and now you are about to reach your due date to give birth, it is up to you how you want this process to complete. You can choose a hospital and kind of healthcare facility as per needs and budget.

You will choose how you want the process of adoption to go through once the baby is born. If you want to keep your baby with you for a few days or weeks, or you immediately want to give up your child to the selected adoptive family. 

It is good to plan out these elements before the due date is about to come so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

Step 5: Paperwork of Adoption Process

You must keep in mind that there will be some paperwork to complete for the adoption process. The rules and regulations may differ in different states. You have to sign an adoption paper to show that you allow this process and give up your baby on your consent and will without any pressure.

Whatever has been done in the previous steps will only get actual validation when papers are signed. If you have not signed the paper, you are not bound to go with the adoption process. So, it is advised that you make your final decision, review the terms and conditions of adoption very attentively, and once you are satisfied with everything, sign the papers after the child’s birth to put your baby up for adoption to an adoptive family.

Step 6: Give Yourself Sometimes for Recovery from Adoption Process

Giving birth to a baby is always an emotional feeling, and if you were forced to give up your child for adoption due to any reason, it might not be an easy decision to digest for some time. 

So, when you have given up your baby after his birth to an adoptive family and are discharged from hospital, it is a period of mental and physical recovery from the whole activity. You may feel emotionally sad and remember your child for the majority of your time.

However, you have to remind yourself when making an adoption decision. Because it was in the best interest of your baby, maybe this thought can heal your inner sadness and the love you have for your baby. The family members need to help you get emotionally and physically stable in this period. 

It is undoubtedly a selfless and brave decision to give up your baby for his bright future, but an emotional breakdown is a natural thing to happen. Always have some time and space to recover from this and get back to your everyday life.

Step 7: Keeping a Contact with Adoption Service Provider and Adoptive Family

When you have recovered from your health after giving birth and then giving up your baby for adoption, it is time to contact the adoption service provider to know about your baby, like where the adoptive family is, are they located at the same address, or have they shifted to any other city or area, etc.

After getting the required contact information, it is viable to contact the adoptive family to know about your baby’s health, safety, and progress. You can ask them to share pictures and videos, or even you can schedule a visit to their home to meet your baby.

is it hard to put a child up for adoption? or is it easy? : Final Thoughts

When you have put your baby up for adoption, never think that you have given up your baby for a lifetime. Moreover, if you hear something terrible from people around you who have questioned your motherhood, don’t listen to them because they can’t understand why you made this crucial and challenging decision.

Instead, always stay focused on what you are doing and how you decided on a bright and progressive future for your baby. Of course, people can have opinions, and it is their right to voice their opinion, but it does not mean that you feel guilty about your decision of adoption at any time.

On the contrary, you decided what you think to be ideal for you and your baby. So, leave the rest to fate, and hope for the best.


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