Is Pest Control Safe For Newborns? All Doubts Answered

No, Pest control is not safe for newborns. Newborns are very vulnerable to the chemicals and pesticides used in pest control. They can suffer from developmental problems, respiratory problems, and even death. If you have a newborn, it is best to keep them away from areas where pest control is being done.

It is essential to take care when having infants in the house, and you need to make sure about pest control safety measures. Pesticides have many forms, such as bug sprayers, insect repellents, etc. Almost all parents have this doubt in mind when they think of booking a pest control service, Is Pest Control Safe For Newborns?

In this post, we have tried to cover all of your queries regarding pesticides and infants.

All of the pest control types are dangerous for infants. Significantly actively growing pests are more dangerous. They can harm the skin or even infect when breathing. Many pests affect our health and cause diseases such as asthma, allergies, etc.

Infants are more receptive to pest control medicine as compared to adults. Therefore, it is suggested to keep away the infants when you have pest control at your place. 

Is Pest Control Safe For Newborns? 

Kids have low immunity power and pests can harm them easily. Therefore, they are more receptive to pest control medicine as compared to adults. Pesticides are very harmful to kids due to the chemical it contains.

The nervous system of infants is in a development phase and this could harm and affect its growth.

The available chemical in pesticides can cause children disabilities, asthma, and early-age cancer. Subsequently, make sure that pest control procedure is taking place using safe techniques. 

Besides this, it is compulsory to collect information about spray and chemicals that are going to be used in your house. Then, perform precautions accordingly so that kids remain safe from pest control side effects.

Make sure that no spray is placed on the playing area. Otherwise, wait for the chemical to dry to avoid contact with kids. 

What is the risk of pests to babies?  

Several different pests can cause harm to your babies. Pest control is safe for babies. But in this case, parents need to take high care of their babies during insecticide control activities. 

Some of the pests are innocuous, such as ladybugs. While some are harmful, they carry diseases such as mosquitoes. In addition, pests like snakes release their harmful effects when they bite. Besides this, termites are also found in homes and cause a profound effect on kids.

Subsequently, each pest has a harmful effect on babies. For example, the copper mouth can probably be found in the laundry, and in this case, you need to get your kid away. Moreover, cockroaches, mites, etc., can spread allergies, especially skin allergies. 

Risk Associated with wrong pesticides and Is Pest Control Safe For Newborns?

  • Most of the time, pesticides are not ecological. Due to the low sufferance level of kids, chemicals infect their immune system.
  • From time to time parents use pest control remedies at home. Which are not safe for babies. It may result in serious health problems if kids inhaled or make skin contact
  • Because of improper packaging of insecticides, infants may consume them mistakenly considering the edible item. Which then creates the worst scenario for parents.
  • A child may have childhood cancer or a learning disability if the dangerous effects of side effects are not considered
  • Many risks are associated with wrong pest control. For example, suppose you have insufficient knowledge of pest control methods, especially natural pesticides. Then, it will result in extreme health risks for toddlers if they come in contact with the kids’ mouths.

Is it possible to use a safe method yourself to avoid pests?

It is possible to use safe pest control techniques for babies, but it may be expensive. On the other hand, many are using the “Do it Yourself” approach. However, it can be helpful in some cases. Subsequently, it is recommended to use those methods that a pediatrician approves. 

A non-professional solution to control pests may lead to significant harmful effects on children. The best option is to find an organic solution. Furthermore, adopt a solution that is clinically approved. So, that kids can have no harm. 

There is a need to take care of certain things to take control of pests in your home. 

  • Ensure to have perfect seals on doors and windows
  • Try to keep reviewing your foundations
  • Keep your kitchen clean regularly so that no pests can make homes or colonies. That will ultimately harm your toddler’s health 
  • Take care of the corner places where you are living
  • Ensure to clean the space around the fridge and other appliances
  • Always store your food in a sealed container so that no pest can reach it. Besides this, shift food from a cardboard container to a sealed container.
  • Regularly clean trash container that is a significant source of pests
  • Take care of water leaks and moisture from the space like the sink and counter. Pest makes societies in such places.
  • Don’t leave the rotten wood. 

Indoor and General pest control for babies

Always consider all chemicals dangerous for children, especially for infants, until your pediatrician does not approve the insecticide. Both indoor and general pesticides are harmful to babies. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid risk by taking some precautionary measures.

  • Keep your kids away from the medicine you are using to control the pest.
  • Try to go for such pesticides that have a low chemical quantity 
  • Organic pest control methods are practical if adequately used
  • Consult your pediatrician regarding the pest control technique you are using for babies.

Before using any pest control, follow the instructions from the expert. Make sure that kids may not be exposed to the treated spot for the required period. In this case, bait traps are the excellent option as it is not likely to reach kids. 

Still, if you doubt product selection, then you can take advice from a pediatrician. That will be more helpful. 

How to choose a pest control safe method?

Choosing the best pest control method that is safe is essential. Keep in mind before occupying space, and make sure to use a disinfected method that is safe for babies. Always consider a company that uses safe chemicals to control the pest. 

Do you know, pesticides are still found in the different products of daily usage ( Source )

Here is a severe concern you should keep in mind when choosing a pest control agency.

  • The staff must be well-trained and certified. The service provider has enough knowledge of the products and techniques they are using. Besides this, they must know the after-effects of chemicals to kids if wrongly used.
  • Furthermore, hire experts instead to save costs by hiring unprofessional. Parents need to make sure that the company staff is using organic insect control. Moreover, the technique they are using is child-friendly.
  • It is good to provide an additional preventive solution to secure kids while they are around during service.

Don’t use Pest Control without prescription remedies

It seems very easy to buy pest control medicine from a nearby store. Sometimes we asked our friends and family members about it. But, unfortunately, people do a widespread practice in daily life to keep kids safe from pests with any prescription.

But this is not a better option because most of the local products are of low quality with a nasty and irritating odor. In addition, these loose products have no positive impact and cause serious harm to your children at home as well. 

Parents think that the more pesticide they throw in, the more effective they will be. But actually, this is not the right way to control the pest. Leaving a flood of pest control chemicals for babies can cause bad results. 

On the other hand, professional pest control treatment is safe for babies. Because they use the balanced amount of chemicals required for pests, subsequently, they apply the product of a selected part of your house that dries within a few minutes, which is ideal.

Likewise, some of the available treatments in the market can cause both “primary and secondary kill.” For instance, if a cockroach dies due to pesticides and then that lizard kills the cockroach, it will die too. This is due to an excess amount of poison in the insecticide.

An excess amount of chemicals is dangerous for babies. So, parents must be well aware of this matter. And call a professional team to keep their house and babies safe from pests. 

What do we think about the question: Is pest control safe for babies?

In a nutshell, we have concluded that pest control methods are not so safe if you have infants or toddlers in your home. But on the other side, it is pervasive to have a pest in the home nowadays even if you are taking care at a reasonable level.

In this case, it is recommended to use organic ways to avoid pests, which is a bit safe compared to the chemical pest control method.

Is Pest Control Safe For Newborns

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