Why Cocomelon Is Bad For Babies: Secrets I Wish I’d known Earlier

Cocomelon has become an obsession for children nowadays. Popular nursery rhymes in a creative way. It is a widespread issue of debate among mothers. Due to the addictive content, the channel is producing and engaging little ones for hours.

Children’s shows are a valuable source of information and engagement, yet they may also be high-risk. Some mothers maintain specific rules for their kids’ use of gadgets, while others impose time restrictions. But, if you look further, do the shows you pick for your baby matter?

To some extent, this debate appears reasonable since Cocomelon is a fast-paced show with specific content that isn’t just appropriate for children. Even though well-known series, it tends to cause addictive and abnormal behavior patterns in babies. It has become ‘Cocaine melon’ for children.

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What’s the story behind Cocomelon Show?

A sing-along show called Cocomelon centers around JJ and his family. It all started in 2006 with a YouTube channel made by Jay Jeon (JJ) and his spouse. The purpose was to teach their children. There are three episodes per series, each lasting an hour.

 It took a long time for this channel to achieve 10 million subscribers in ten years, but just by 2022, that amount had risen to 135 million. Your brain will be clogged with children’s song tunes regarding manners, shower time, and everything else for weeks after hearing a CoComelon show.

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Why do children enjoy cocomelon so much?

You could possibly put the Cocomelon show in front of your kids whenever you need some spare time to prepare lunch or enjoy quality time with friends. And now, it makes kids fixated on their screens. The reason for the children’s obsession may be:

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  • The soundtrack can excite kids.
  • The color schemes, since kids are fond of colors. 
  • Cocomelon places a lot of emphasis on repetition because it is the quickest approach to engage viewers’ interest.
  • Cocomelon also has quick transitions. This is something new and rewarding for babies.
  • Graphics are frequently twisting and moving with the rhythm, offering little dopamine surges that cause you to feel tired while craving more. A kid-friendly version of TikTok

Four big reasons That Makecocomelonbad for Babies

1. Cocomelon can induce speech stuttering difficulties.

Cocomelon is so harmful that it’s over-stimulating for children, which can delay many developmental stages of the crucial step. Parents are highly concerned about their kids’ cognitive abilities, learning, and focus. 

Research has indicated correlations between extensive TV viewing in childhood and adolescence and linguistic, neurological, and behavior problems,” Michael Bauer, M.D., FAAP, pediatrician and medical director at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. However, there is no clear indication that CoComelon causes behavioral or cognitive difficulties

2. CoComelon is triggering tantrums in children

Not only is the show affecting kids’ speech development, but it also contributing to their bad behavior, causing uncontrollable tantrums issues. Children of such little ages harm themselves upon restriction to screen time, especially when not allowed to watch their favorite “the cocomelon show.”

 Fast-transition rhyme shows with poor content can be detrimental because they overstimulate your baby’s mind and bring almost no worth. When given too much screen time, kids frequently respond negatively and may throw tantrums when it is taken away.

Some mothers reported on internet forums that the show added to their regular outbursts. Most children exhibited agitation when coco was not there on the screens.

3. Dopamine pathways are impacted by cocomelon

The brain receives a rush of dopamine from screen time because the more children watch the show, the more the brain begins to crave this increased level of stimulation.

As a result, an increase in their cocomelon watch duration is equally linked to increased brain expectancy for this type of stimulus. “If your baby transforms into a zombie spirit after viewing the show, it is overstimulation. This makes it difficult for them to engage in imaginative play.

4. Cocomelon is addictive

As said, when the brain receives a blast of dopamine from the screen, it acts like a drug, so the more substantial the hit, the longer it stays. Continuous depiction of vibrant colors, catchy music every second, and kids’ brains stuck in analyzing every scene.

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 The specific format is displayed in famous social media platforms like TikTok, which changes in a single glance and same addictive over the past couple of years.  The constantly changing scenes, bright colors, and catchy music cause minor dopamine hits.

The same sequencing is followed to increase the screen time of audiences of all ages through different channels. 

Timely action can save potential behavioral and emotional consequences the entire age group of audiences could have. If your kid has uncontrollable outbursts whenever a show is switched on OR off, it is addiction, not love. The kids become so overstimulated that they develop dependency and withdrawal symptoms, which leaves them utterly emotionally labile.

How long can we watch CoComelon?

Well, kids’ problems aren’t caused by the length of the show or even just how much screen time they spend on screens. It is about how the content is presented to kids causing problems.

According to the Australian National Standards for Screen Time, kids under two should are not allowed to use screens except for video conferencing. They must know how they must interact and engage in real-time with others. Therefore, the milestone delays might well likely be attributed to these young kids using a smartphone in the first place.


Can we put a stop to the Cocomelon show?

Not. The first-ever narrative series to use the characters from Cocomelon is Cocomelon Lane, and it’s already been purchased by Netflix.

Which show is preferable to CoComelon?

Aside from CoComelon, which has received a Peabody Award and four Emmys, several excellent children’s series and programs are available online. Classical Baby introduces young children to classical musical arrangements by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and other classical composers in a more casual setting than CoComelon.

What is the significance of the name CoComelon?

The initial title of the company was “limiting” on YouTube. However, it eventually switched to CoComelon. The name was altered to CoComelon because the creators thought it sounded “entertaining for every kid.” “They made an effort to develop endearing, appealing, and broadly approachable characters.”

Is watching Cocomelon’sof any educational advantages?

From a mother’s perspective, the program is meaningless. Yet it teaches specific ways to communicate, gestures, and expression. It helps babies to learn sign language as well.


Just like the famous cocomelon show with massive viewership also comes with mild to severe levels of cons. Understanding which TV shows and series are effective learning tools for your children and toddlers will enable you to stop letting them watch a specific program or limit their time watching TV. Ultimately, every mother is the ultimate judge of their baby, and we all believe every child is unique and matures at varying rates and in a different manner.

The best piece of advice would be for the concerned parents to keenly observe their children’s behavior to decide whether to continue watching or to stop affecting the kid’s brains