Crib Alternative: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide

Mothers can’t keep their newborns away from them. They opt to place their infant in a crib because it’s one of the simplest methods to keep them nearby throughout the nighttime while allowing them space in their bed. However, cribs are not the only possibility for infants.

Some popular crib alternatives include bassinets, bedside co-sleeper, and travel cribs. The manufacturer’s information should always be checked to confirm the precise weight and age for suggested use.

How important is a crib for infants? 

To sleep soundly, babies don’t always need a crib. However, good sleeping patterns can shield your child from risks, including choking, oxygen deprivation, unexpected infant death syndrome, or SIDS. Your baby can have a secure sleeping environment even without a crib. 

interior of modern light childrens room with crib 2021 08 29 22 37 08 utc 1
interior of modern light childrens room with crib

Make sure there are no puzzles, cushions, plush toys, or other items in the baby’s sleeping space. It only needs a thin, firm mattress and clean bedding.

Several alternatives to the traditional baby crib may be judged more secure than a typical crib, many mothers may benefit more from a detachable crib, pack-and-play, or floor bed because they can be folded for use on the trip.

Why should you opt for a crib alternative?

Since you became a mother, you’ve made it a habit to keep a crib in your bedroom. Even if you seek a better option, you are hesitant to compromise your child’s sleep quality, which is the only concern stopping you back from acting. However, you can replace the crib with an alternative, but approach it cautiously.

Take a look at these reasons. It might help you in making an informed decision.

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A couple of parents looking their newborn baby in the cradle at home
  • The crib takes away the child’s sense of independence. It restricts children’s freedom of movement. The crib is not ideal if you want to improve learning from a young age
  • A crib makes shifting your child from a crib to a toddler bed challenging.
  • It is challenging for a breastfeeding mother to feed her child in a crib.
  • Cribs occupy a lot of space, so if you share a room with an oversized crib, it would be uncomfortable, and they are pretty pricey.

Whatever your motivation for looking for a crib replacement, whether it’s cost savings, parental interest, or even protection, you’ll find plenty of possibilities. Remember that you can begin with one option and progress to others as your baby’s requirements evolve.

Best crib Alternative for a newborn to 6 month

For infants aged 6 to 12 months, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises parents to share a room while using a crib alternative rather than a crib. It is safe for newborns to sleep within their cot, play yard, bassinet, or bedside sleeper if it meets the safety guidelines.


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  • Bassinets are one of the safest options for newborn babies up to six months
  • They can be moved easily into other rooms also. 
  • As your kid learns to push up on his hands and knees, you will have to look for another Child Safe alternative. 
  • Bassinets are compact and lightweight
  • They provide the baby with all the comforts he requires in an accessible manner
  • The best part is that they raise your infant to your level.

Bedside Co-sleepers

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  • A bedside sleeper crib is suitable for a baby to sleep in from birth and can be used till the child is about three years old when many kids move to a bed.
  • Bedside co-sleepers are more like bassinets but can be attached to one’s bed (height can be adjusted). 
  • You can have them close to you simultaneously, and they will have their own comfortable space. 
  • Your baby will quickly outgrow this little space, which is one of their disadvantages.

Mini cribs

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  • A mini crib is better if you are looking for anything but a crib
  • Mini cribs are the most suitable choice for newborns, not toddlers.
  • It provides you with all features of a crib except the size.
  • For smaller rooms or space-saving purposes, mini cribs are a great option
  • They are affordable, sometimes portable, and even convertible to a toddler bed! 

Best crib Alternative for a 12-month to 3 year

1. Co-Sleeping

  • Letting your child sleep with you on your bed is a better option for nursing moms as it is convenient for them throughout the night.
  • This also creates a stronger bond between child and parent. Most importantly, it’s the most accessible crib alternative
  • As they grow up, you can always move them to the floor bed or maybe their room

2. Play yard/Pack n play

  • The adaptable alternative to a conventional crib is a play yard or pack n’ play. Some of them have bassinettes, diaper-changing stations, etc.
  • This will let your child sleep soundly in a large space, as well as play freely in it. 
  • Pack and play have metal frames and sturdy designs, making it difficult for new C-section moms to dismantle them.
  • Most Pack ‘N Plays are made to fit toddlers from 2 to 3 years old.

3. Travels Cribs

  • Travel cribs are analogous to Play Yard with an additional portable feature
  • They are easy to assemble, lightweight, and usually come with a small backpack to carry in them.
  • They can also help parents put their babies to sleep in new places.
  • They have high edges to protect the baby if he gets out of bed abruptly.
  • Most travel cribs are suitable for babies up to the age of 3.

4. Floor Bed

  • The most uncomplicated, cheaper, and simple crib alternative is a floor bed! 
  • Place a comfy mattress with a cute baby-themed fitted sheet on the floor, and your baby’s bed is ready. 
  • You must watch out for the baby’s safety because it’s just a mattress on the floor with no boundaries. 
  • For that reason, you have to childproof everything in the room.  

Remember that every infant develops differently, and these age limits are merely estimates. The mini crib may work for your 9-month-old child. The manufacturer’s information should always be checked to confirm the precise weight and age for suggested use


What are the Best Alternatives for Cribs in Small Areas? 

All the cribs mentioned above would take up less space than traditional full-sized cribs. For small spaces, the best alternatives are a mini crib and travel crib as they easily accommodate babies, take less and run in the longer term.

What are the Best Alternatives for Cribs designed for six Months old?

Apart from all these cribs, since you can acquire more space and it is an all-in-one. Also, it can be used as a nursing station plus a play yard is a preferred choice baby bed, and you can easily transport it to other places.

Is a bed an acceptable alternative to a crib?

Although it is common for children to transition from a crib to a bed, most children naturally grow into a stage where they are prepared for the shift and may even enjoy it. While some children feel more at ease once they are 2 or 3 years old, some are ready to transition as early as 18 months.

Bottom Line:

Each of these alternatives is risk-free for small newborns and offers a cozy, warm setting where they can rest peacefully. When it comes to a baby product that new parents could require, many fantastic alternatives open, and cribs are no exception. If co-sleeping is safe for you, then go ahead and do it since you will have to make decisions for your child as a parent that are unique to you.