10 Pros And Cons Of Jarred Baby Food!

Pros And Cons Of Jarred Baby Food

As a new parent, I had a question regarding my little one’s health. Should I purchase jarred baby food? And is it safe for my baby? Don’t worry if you have the same question, I’ll explain the pros and cons of jarred baby food in this post.

Your baby is likely to care most about the flavor or texture of jarred baby food when you select it. Knowing what my children consume is the most important thing to me as a parent. 

According to my personal preference, I choose organic fruits and vegetables for baby food. Having confidence that my baby’s food does not have pesticides or other contaminants gives me peace of mind.

So, when you choose foods, look for superfoods or foods with a lot of nutritional value. Don’t buy baby foods that are too salty and too sweet. In this article, I’m going to give you the facts about the pros and cons of jarred baby food so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your baby.

Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of jarred baby food.

Pros Of Jarred Baby Food

When you feed your baby jarred baby food, there are many benefits. There are several advantages to jarred baby food such as:

  1. It’s Convenience: Jarred baby food is more convenient than homemade baby food. If you are a working parent, store-bought (or jarred) baby food is perfect for you. When you make your own purees, the process is time-consuming. Jarred foods save you a lot of time. Just pop open a jar and you have your baby’s food ready in no time at all.
  2. It has a longer shelf-life: When you buy unopened jars of baby food, they can last for more than a year,  so you won’t have to rush to eat that banana mash before it spoils.
  3. Safety:  Jarred baby food is pasteurized, which kills any bacteria that might exist. Baby food made at home is not pasteurized.
  4. It stores and travels well: Jarred baby food is extremely convenient for storing and traveling. Jarred baby food does not require refrigeration (or freezing, then defrosting); it can easily be stored on the pantry shelf. You can also use jarred baby food for feeding on the go because it is so portable.
  5. It requires no additional equipment: There is no need to buy a baby food maker for making homemade purees like many families do end up purchasing new kitchen gadgets to make the process easier. You simply need to open the lid of a jar and your baby’s food is ready.

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Cons Of Jarred Baby Food

Even though jarred baby food has many benefits for babies, it also has some disadvantages. The following are some of them: 

  1. It’s pricey: Buying baby food can be more expensive than preparing yourself and making homemade baby food.
  2. Preservatives: Jarred foods don’t contain preservatives except for vitamin D. However, if you prepare your baby food at home, you will know precisely what is inside and you will not need to worry about checking the ingredient label.
  3. Wasteful Packaging: Disposable packaging is wasteful and often not recyclable, especially if it isn’t cleaned out properly. Also, it is possible that the jar will break.
  4. No control over the food-making process: There is no doubt that steaming or boiling fruits and vegetables is healthier (because nutrients are preserved). However, when you buy jarred baby food, you don’t know how the food that your baby will be eating has been prepared.
  5. Contaminants: Some studies reported that some jarred baby food contains small amounts of heavy metals. In 2014, the Environmental Defense Fund found lead in some baby food packages.

Final Thoughts

It is time to conclude our discussion about the pros and cons of Jarred baby food. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages, jarred baby food is a great option for your baby if you’re on a budget. You can choose the best-jarred baby food by ensuring you select a brand that gives your baby the nutrition they deserve. 

You can try different brands of baby food without affecting the baby’s digestive system when using jarred baby food. Try out a few different things and find out what your little one likes. You don’t have to stick with one brand – try a variety and give your little baby a variety of tastes and flavors.

Pros And Cons Of Jarred Baby Food

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