Should I Pick Up Baby With Hiccups? What Should You Do?

Babies do the most adorable things from small yawns to tiny coos, but at times it becomes difficult to differentiate whether it’s a part of normal development or something to be serious about.

So answer the question Should I pick up the baby with hiccups, Babies and hiccups are normal and cute- A part of a baby’s normal growth and development.

In the opinion of Christal-Joy Forgenie, MD, a pediatrician with Soha Pediatrics in New York City, “Hiccups, which occur in the gastrointestinal tract, rarely indicate a problem in infants or newborns,”

Is it normal for babies to hiccup?

  • It’s perfectly fine for an infant to get frequent hiccups.
  • In fact, according to Whattoexpect some babies even get hiccups before they’re born, starting around the 6th month of your pregnancy when your baby’s lungs start developing (if you ever noticed regular little spasms in your abdomen, that’s what they likely were). 
  • Newborn hiccups are not uncommon and should not be a cause for concern for parents.

What causes hiccups in infants?

Various researches have found that various activities trigger hiccups in babies.

  • There are theories, unlike some solid proofs.
  • Hiccups may be caused due to entrapment of air in their little stomachs on feeding or sometimes acid reflux also causes hiccups in babies.
  • When baby hiccups, diaphragm spasms, and air get stuck against the closed vocal cord
  • They are caused by sudden contractions of the diaphragm triggered by irritation or stimulation of that muscle. 
  • Some leading pediatricians of the world believe that newborn hiccups are usually caused by feeding (breastfed babies) or by a drop in temperature that causes the baby to get cold.

How to get rid of hiccups in infants?

Adults have different types of “cures” to treat hiccups, for instance, drinking water. But these ways can be dangerous for newborn babies under 6 months

As a parent, your baby’s hiccups can be a cause of concern for you. But the question is, what can you possibly do? The answer is WAIT. Wait them out. If you think that hiccups are bothering your little one, try the undermentioned ways to stop baby hiccups:

  • Taking a break from feeding to burp your baby may help in getting rid of hiccups as burping may help in releasing extra gases from the stomach.
  • Infant hiccups don’t usually start from feeding, hence you can use a pacifier.
  • Lastly, let them stop on their own or try giving gripe water or rub their back.

Dr Hillary Sismondo, pediatrician and assistant professor at NYITCOM at Arkansas State University, told, “Many parents worry that their baby is uncomfortable once they have the hiccups. That’s typically not the case.”

Are hiccups dangerous for newborns?

As we mentioned above infant hiccups are not usually a cause for concern. Most babies have hiccups in their first year. Many of the likely causes relate to feeding. It is also a decent idea to contact a pediatrician if hiccups frequently occur after a baby turns one year old. The source website is Earthmamadoulas.

Is it normal for newborns to have hiccups every day?

Yes, it is completely normal for a newborn to have hiccups every day. In fact, many babies even get hiccups before they’re born. Hiccups are caused by sudden contractions of the diaphragm and are usually triggered by irritation or stimulation of that muscle.

Hiccups during feeding:

If you notice your baby gets hiccups most often during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, there are a few tricks you can try:

  • Take a break. A change of positions, a burp or maybe just a little relaxation can help calm hiccups. If, after a couple of minutes, your baby’s hiccups haven’t calmed down, feeding your baby again may calm them down.
  • Change up your routine. If your baby hiccups frequently, try feeding your baby smaller amounts at more frequent intervals, which may help keep him from swallowing the maximum amount of air during each feeding time.


Upon studying different cases and reviews of many leading pediatricians it is safe to say that hiccups in infants are normal and that you can stop bothering them, The hiccups tend to reduce as the baby grows older. If you feel the hiccups are continuous and unstoppable even after trying many recommended ways, it is good to consider your baby’s pediatrician. 

Should I pick up baby with hiccups?

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

Should I leave my baby with hiccups?

You might have noticed that your baby hiccups before birth. Sometimes feeding your baby will help stop the hiccups, but if not, don’t be concerned heavily. Fortunately, babies don’t seem to be bothered by hiccups, and they often can eat and sleep even while hiccuping.

How should you hold a baby with hiccups?

When your baby is hiccuping, do not give them water, hold them upside down, rub their back, or wait.

Are hiccups uncomfortable for babies?

Hiccups do not normally harm a baby. While adults may find hiccups uncomfortable, they tend to cause less distress in babies. 

Are hiccups signs of overeating?

Hiccups, which may be triggered by overfeeding or swallowing an excessive amount of air, are small contractions within the diaphragm like tiny muscle spasms.

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