Are strollers safe for newborns? 5 Things You Should Look For

Yes, strollers are safe for newborns when used properly. Always make sure to read the stroller’s instructions carefully before using it, and never leave your child unattended in a stroller.

From the day you come across the fact that you are expecting, you have a lot of queries, suggestions, and tips pouring from all corners. 

And, it’s okay to worry. Mommies even worry about kids having bananas and yogurt. Ha-ha! You’re not alone! 🙂

As time passes and you come across the period when you’ll finally see your baby, you definitely would like to remain ready with all the essential requirements. 

For instance, you’d like to get the best baby stroller, but wait, did you just come across the thought that questions you, “are strollers safe for newborns?” 

All the new parents like to do exclusive shopping for their baby as the baby products have lovely designs, so much so, that you experience love at first sight all over again!

So, while roaming around you just manage to come across a shop dedicatedly to providing the best quality of baby products, toys, and strollers. You will definitely want to have a look and pick the best ones for your little one.

Things to Consider before buying a stroller

But before deciding on the stroller that you’d like to invest in, you need to look for specific needs. Here’s what you need to consider:

You and your family needs

Before you fall for the excellent looks of the only stroller that is shown to you, make sure to do a quick feature check so that it caters to all your needs with perfection. 

If you are looking for a stroller that fits the outdoor errands with its built, you are good to go. You will want to invest in a stroller that is known to maneuver along the sidewalks on the road. 

If you are traveling with your family and want to save your baby from the harmful sun rays, chances are you’ll like an umbrella stroller that helps in protecting the baby and is lightweight simultaneously. 


To meet your fitness needs, there comes a jogging stroller as well that can help you plan your run with your little one.

A survey reveals that one in two parents own strollers that don’t match their requirements. 

So, make sure you study the features and choose the best stroller to cater you and your baby’s needs

Stroller features

The market is equipped with a huge range of strollers. It won’t be wrong in saying that a stroller is like a long-term investment. 

If you have had a misconception, here is a myth breaker for you. Once your newborn grows a little bit, you can put him/her in a stroller for utmost comfort.

The market even has options available in the form of a double stroller, as well as, a stroller that comes with an attachment for a convenient sitting of the old child. So, you’ve got covered in many ways while you are looking for the best baby strollers.

The market is flooded with exceptional stroller pieces. But, don’t fall for the misconception that all are the same.

Many customers tend to subconsciously follow this trend and thus make decisions in a haphazard way.

As a newborn parent, while buying a stroller, make sure to look into the features that will be exclusive to your child. The stroller is chosen by you and should include the following:

  • Basket for storage
  • Gear for covering during the rainy days
  • Blankets for emergency use
  • Cup holder design
  • The ability of the stroller to recline
  • The shield protecting the child from the sunshade

There might be chances that all the strollers may not have all these features. Most of them have. You should pick a stroller that has features that cater to the needs of the newborn baby, as well as you as a parent.

Now, coming back to the query are strollers safe for newborns?

If you are convinced about buying a stroller for your newborn baby, make sure that you pay attention to the following.

There are 4 million strollers sold in the United States each year but which is the best for your baby? Let’s find out. 

The perfect type of stroller for your newborn

If you wish to get the assistance of a stroller for your newborn, don’t doubt your decision. There is nothing wrong with it and instead, it is going to prove to be a major help, as well as, convenience if you are considering the idea of traveling and holidaying with your little one.

The key to buying the best baby strollers is to ensure that the selected strollers are good on the reclination part. 

Newborns are delicate dolls and still have to learn a lot when it comes to sitting or holding their heads in an upright position. 

The strollers that can recline properly and can be used with the help of a bassinet attachment are the best pick for newborns.

Also, these act as the only car seat for your infant while traveling ensuring his/her safety, comfort, and convenience.

However, if you are a fan of the jogging stroller, here’s something for you to know.

These strollers are not designed to recline as per the need of a newborn and if you wish to buy this, make sure that your baby is at least 6 months of age to make use of the jogging stroller.

Another gig for your newborn is the umbrella stroller.

Your little bundle of joy should be showered with all the love and care in the world. Also, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that the child is safe and free from any harm all the time. 

As a new parent, you will not want to compromise on the needs of your child and hence, a stroller that is compatible with your and the baby’s need is a must. 

So, if you have the idea of buying an umbrella stroller in your mind, there is optimal padding and a cushioned child to take care of your child on your way. 

The neck of your infant needs to be supported along with the support for the back muscles as they are on their way to development. 

So, a little bit of extra care is appreciated by parents of newborns. 

The umbrella strollers are equipped to provide the comfort that a baby needs during long journeys. However, make sure that you are not exposing your newborn to an umbrella stroller that is built with thin fabric. This is not recommended as it lacks the degree of support that is required by a newborn. With time, when the baby grows and reaches 4-7 months of age, you can pick a stroller that is a result of thin fabrication and padding.

are strollers safe for newborns

How to ensure your newborn’s safety in the stroller?

Now, when you are sure about using a stroller for your newborn, here are some tips for you to try that are definitely going to help and ensure the safety of your newborn child in the stroller.

  • Don’t keep your newborn unattended for a long period of time.
  • If you are giving your newborn some toys, ensure that they are fastened in a secure way to prevent any harm.
  • Make sure you are buckling the harness of baby and the seat belt when you are using the stroller for outdoor moving.
  • Don’t park the stroller on any slope and make sure that you are making use of the brakes.
  • You need to store your belongings properly while moving. Try and avoid hanging any bag on the stroller’s handle as it might cause the stroller to turn over.
  • Make sure that you are folding the stroller properly and keeping it in a safe place. Ensure the compactness of the stroller, as well.
  • Make sure you are not keeping the stroller in the sun for a long time. The plastic and metal pieces that are a part of your stroller can become hot and can cause harm if you are making use of the stroller after a while. Don’t immediately put your newborn in the stroller without checking on these pieces.
  • The stroller warranty and guarantee should be checked from time to time in case you are seeking repair and maintenance.

Bottom Line:

Strollers are a safe option for your newborn. But, instead of blindly following the trend, make sure that you are analyzing the different features and consider the ones which suit the preference of you and your newborn the most. 

There are exceptional pieces of the best baby strollers in the market that cater to the needs of a large variety of parents. 

They are here for you and your newborn’s convenience and are built in such a way that they assist you as the best in times of need.

There are many different features that are a part of the strollers and your decision should be based on these only. 

There is no point in spending a huge amount of money buying a stroller for your newborn and still compromising on comfort and quality.

When you are spending for your newborn, quality is a must and you should not settle for anything except the best for your little one.

are strollers safe for newborns

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