Do Men go to baby showers? The Millennial Take

So the question is Do men go to baby showers? and the answer is Yes, “Once in a blue moon”

That’s how involved most dad’s from the older generation were in their offspring’s festivities.

They were merry and excited, but involved?

Nah! Not often.

Millennial dads reveal their emotions and excitement from the day of the first ultrasound while observing the baby’s heartbeat to raising a child. They are open to the idea of becoming a father and are delighted about their participation in the whole process.

If you’re a couple planning to organize a baby shower or invited to one but poor daddy still has a question, “do men go to baby showers, or is it still an exclusive mommy the only ceremony?”

Keep reading and you’ll find out. 

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower celebrates a new life. With different names and rituals in diverse cultures, it’s an exuberant occasion for all close friends and family members and definitely to-be-parents where everybody gets together to shower blessings on the expectant couple and their infant before birth. A close acquaintance or family member often hosts the event.

Why aren’t men allowed to attend baby showers? 

The historic tradition of guys not being allowed at baby showers has a few reasons linked to it:

1. Intimate Talk

Traditionally, baby showers involved talking, essentially about what to expect during pregnancy. Other women shared their experiences to ease out the entire process. In earlier days, it was a “taboo” for men to get involved in intimate women talks. Therefore, men weren’t invited to baby showers.

2. Stress Relieve

When asked a mom, reminiscing her days of pregnancy, she said,

”I was petrified in my last month of pregnancy. I feared the pain and the entire delivery process.” 

Mommies go through a lot of stress during these months. And if you are mommy-to-be or a mom, I’m sure you feel the same.

So, a baby shower is the perfect moment for women to celebrate life inside her by forgetting all the worry and nervousness for a while.

Men were anticipated to be uneasy during these conversations and thus weren’t invited.

But it’s totally up to the parents to make a choice and celebrate it in a way they feel pleased and comfortable.

Do men go to baby showers?

When asked a millennial couple, this is what both mommy and daddy had to say, 

“Yes, men should be allowed to baby showers. In fact, in our culture, we invite men to be a part of the occasion. It’s one of the best moments in our life, dads should be a part of it.”

Compared to the last generation, a number of parents these days are hosting co-ed showers. Being one of the most significant moments of one’s life, how can daddies miss it?

If mommy-to-be can have a special day to celebrate her motherhood, daddies should also have a chance to embrace their emotions of being a father.

Also, why should mommies have all the fun? 😀

So, why not make it a co-ed event and embrace parenthood together?

A few plausible reasons that makes co-ed showers beautiful: 

1. Challenges the conventional norms

Earlier women used to raise the baby at home and men used to go to work. The new generation demands equality in all facets, where we have not only working dads but also working moms.

A guy’s presence in the ceremony makes him more prepared for parenthood and the responsibilities that come with it. 

Men contribute to half the baby’s creation and do half the job of raising the child, so how come they don’t get to attend baby showers? 

2. Celebrating parenthood together 

Raising children alone can be troublesome for new parents. But when working together as a unit makes the process a lot easier and stress free. When you have to work as a team in your life ahead, why not begin your initial step as a team on this memorable day?

Support and share your affection for the new life you are stepping into. Having your companion by your side on a special day like this one provides warmth and a comforting atmosphere. A partner’s presence could mean a lot to mommies stepping into parenthood.

3. Rookie Dads learn about fatherhood 😛

Why do men go to baby showers?

This is one reason why they should go. Being a parent comes with a bunch of excitement, but also your heart thumps a little faster while wondering, “Will I be a cool dad?”

The fun and cheerful atmosphere of a shower encourages men to chill out. This is where “veteran” dads can support and comfort “rookie” dads and advise them and say, “Don’t worry! You’re going to be a great dad!” 

In some cultures both parents perform the ceremony together while in some only moms do it and men entertain the guests.

Fun ways to Host a co-ed Baby Shower

Since men don’t explicitly take part in the traditional pregnancy talk about labor, delivery, feeding, and all the diverse sentiments that moms go through, they should have another means to celebrate their parenthood. 

Why should baby showers only have drinks and crazy talk about the best baby strollers to purchase?

People are becoming creative and prefer hosting fun games during the shower instead of a conventional ceremony. It keeps the guests engaged and results in a fun-filled and lively event.

baby shower

1. A theme party

A theme makes the event fun and interesting. You could either have a delicate colored theme and suggest your friends and relatives to dress up in baby outfits and accessories. It would be admirable to see everybody warmed up for the triumph. 

You can design any special theme that is close to your heart and connects you with your baby. Tell the story about “why you choose the theme” to your guests and make them feel more familiar and close to you.

2. Diaper change race

Fun games can boost amusement and gets the guests involved in active participation on your happy day.

Get a few baby bunnies or dolls and challenge everyone to change diapers. Whoever finishes first will be declared as the champion in changing nappies. 😀

3. Baby Bottle chug Face off

Gather a bunch of baby bottles. Fill them up with your favorite drink- milk, juice, alcohol and bring everyone together in a chugging contest. Slurping the drink through that tiny hole is a lot tougher than it seems. Witness who empties the bottle first from the tiny hole.

It’s going to be fun looking at big boys sucking drinks from a baby bottle. You will always recall this moment and laugh merrily. 😀

4. Pregnancy Pop Quiz

It would be a fun pop quiz for the to-be-parents about their experience until now and will get them prepared for what’s coming next.

Some fun questions for you:

1. Who was more tense about the pregnancy?

2. Who gained more weight during the pregnancy?

3. What would you do if the baby doesn’t stop crying?

4. What would you name your baby?

5. What food did you crave the most?

Games create an entertaining and bright atmosphere for to-be-parents and it’s always fun to design the questions.

5. Set up a Quirky Photo Booth

Since social media is booming, a colorful and vibrant baby themed photo booth will perform exceptionally well. Also, the photographs would be a lifetime memory for you and to show it to your baby when he/she grows up. Here some cute ideas for you on

P.S. – Don’t forget to book a photographer.

Wrapping Up

The world is rapidly maturing and men deserve to be a part of their baby’s first official celebration. These days, men like getting engaged and also prefer being a part of every little baby festivity. Having a comforting partner also supports women in such crucial times.

So, if you ask me again, do men go to baby showers? Yes, they do. At the end, it’s your decision to make.

But, if you organize a co-ed baby shower, have some fun activities and engage everybody in your prosperous event.

Also, congratulations!

Do Men go to baby showers


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