How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift? (List of Best Gifts)

Most baby shower gifts are usually in the $25-$50 range. However, how much you spend on a baby shower gift really depends on your budget and relationship with the expectant parents.

If you are close friends or family, you may want to spend a little more on the gift. If you are not as close or are on a tight budget, a lower-priced gift is perfectly acceptable.

In the end, it is the thoughtfulness of the gift that matters most.

In this article, I’m going to discuss various ideas for a baby shower gift for mom and dad. As well, I will suggest how much money you should spend on baby shower gifts.

How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift?

How much you should spend on baby shower gifts depends on your relationship with the family and what you can afford. It is important to buy baby shower gifts within a budget that is comfortable for you. 

The following are some generally accepted price ranges to keep in mind when shopping. To help you decide what to spend on a gift within your budget, we’ve broken it down by relationship.

Family Member (Close Relative) Or Best Friend 

If you are a best friend or close relative to a new parent, a gift between $60 and $100 would be ideal. As an aunt, uncle, grandmother, or cousin of the unborn baby, you might wish to spend more on the baby shower. 

When you have a recent friendship, you would like to spend around $60.00. For people you speak to frequently and visit often, you can spend upwards of $100.00. Whenever you choose a gift for a friend or relative, you should put thought and consideration into the gift. 

A gift that is thoughtful is more appreciated than one that is expensive. If you feel uncomfortable giving a small gift at the baby shower, you might consider getting a gift card that allows the new parents to pick things they like or need for the baby. If you’re not sure, always choose money or gift cards.

Friend Or Relative

If you are less close to your friends and relatives, a gift of $30 to $50 is appropriate. When you are on a tight budget, there are many ways that you can save money and maintain your dignity. Try shopping at your local discount store or look for items on the clearance shelves at your local stores. By doing this, you can purchase more gifts for a lower price.

Co-workers Or Colleagues Or Acquaintances

If you are going to buy a baby shower gift for someone you have known since college or a coworker, then you can spend under $25. If it is someone from the workplace you barely know is having a baby shower, you may spend less than $20 on them for a baby shower gift.


In some cases, it is better for people to pool their money so they can give a more meaningful gift to the expectant parents. Getting everyone to contribute $20-30 will give the baby and new parents a substantial baby shower gift. However, make sure that whatever you choose to purchase is practical and something the baby and parents will need. 

The parents of the baby will appreciate that you thought enough about them to purchase something for them, regardless of how much money you spent. If the parents have a registry, you should always check it to make sure no one has already purchased the same gift and to ensure that it is exactly what they want.

Since now you have got the idea about How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift, the next thing we have discussed is what are some of the best gifts you can buy for in that budget.

What Are The Best Baby Shower Gifts?

When it comes to choosing the right baby shower gift, it can be difficult, especially if you don’t know everything that’s new. 

If you choose a gift that is unique and useful, it will always go a long way. Here are some best and unique baby shower gift ideas:

A Nursing Basket: Mothers need many items for feeding. If you want to surprise them, get them a beautiful basket to place on their nursing table. It makes breastfeeding easier because all the items they might need are within reach. You can also put a few snacks, burp cloths, baby wipes, baby bottles, and even her favorite novel, magazine, or book in the basket.

Non-Contact Thermometer: You can also give a mom a non-contact thermometer that will be a priceless gift for her. Mom will appreciate the gift of a non-contact thermometer. By using the thermometer, she will be able to spend less time trying to put thermometers in her baby’s mouth, underarms, and other places where the child is unwilling to cooperate.

Baby-Bottle Warmers: Babies get irritable when they are hungry. Baby bottle warmers allow parents to warm milk evenly whenever they need it without wasting time. If the mother is expressing excess milk and refrigerating it, the warmer is also great for defrosting it.

A Nursing Robe: You can also give the expecting mother a comfy, fluffy, and beautiful robe. For the next three to six months, she will be at home caring for the baby. It will allow her to walk around the house and nurse her baby comfortably in the robe. 

Also, she might not have time to change into something fancier with a new baby. In this way, before the baby starts screaming, she can grab a robe and put it on.

Group Gifts: Parents may find some gifts too expensive for their infants, such as a car seat or Stroller. Therefore, this is an excellent gift to buy as a group for a baby shower. As a group, you can contribute and give it as a surprise gift.

You might also consider giving mom one of the following gifts:

  • Helpful Books Like Pregnancy Recipe Books, Baby’s Healthy Recipe Books, New Parents’ Manual Books, Spiritual Or Feel-Good Books, etc.
  • A Sturdy Carrier
  • High Chair For The Baby
  • Diaper Bags
  • Baby Slings
  • Crib Sheets
  • Baby Pillow Or Blankets
  • Molded Bibs
  • To-Be Dad’s Funny T-Shirts
  • Milk Bottle / Bottle Accessories
  • Swing Bouncer Combo
  • Baby Bathing Tub/Swimsuits/Caps
  • Comfortable And Soft Clothes/Caps/Socks Or Shoes, etc.

You can also give a gift card from some baby store or a spa gift to the mom so she can feel relaxed. Night lights and soothing music are also great options. However, make sure you purchase something that is comfortable for you to purchase.

How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

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