50+ Meaningful Rainbow Baby Quotes & Images

Being pregnant, or even welcoming a child, may not always be cause for celebration for families with lived experiences of miscarriages and other perinatal losses. It is common for parents to experience anxiety and confusion during pregnancies after a loss. The rainbow baby is also associated with hope in difficult times, hence, the term.

You’ll find 50+ meaningful Rainbow Baby Quotes in this post.

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What Is a Rainbow Baby?

Those who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or spontaneous infant loss are said to have a rainbow baby. A baby’s birth is like a rainbow following a storm that has ended. Rainbows can appear after a storm and fill us with hope. Even though there are still dark clouds above, there is joy following the storm.

National Rainbow Baby Day 2021

On August 22, we celebrate National Rainbow Baby Day. During this season of joy, families can reflect on the loss of the previous child and rejoice in the blessing of a healthy newborn. Family members often share their experiences on social media.

A number of other reasons for celebrating National Rainbow Baby Day include promoting community and raising awareness about pregnancy-related loss. 10% to 20% of pregnancies are known to end in miscarriage, and 1 percent result in stillbirth.

Yet many parents who have lost a child feel discouraged and alone. A cathartic experience can be achieved by sharing messages of support, inspiration, and hope.

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How Can You Celebrate Your Rainbow Baby?

In celebrating or honoring a rainbow baby, there is no “right” way. Each individual, society, culture, and religion have different norms and traditions concerning the passing of loved ones and the beginning of new lives. Make sure you share your loss with your family and friends in a way that feels right to you.

You might be inspired by these ideas:

  • Describe what happened to you. It is possible to feel less isolated, to process your grief, and to gain hope when you share with others.
  • Make jewelry personalized. If you love your children deeply, you can wear their initials, intertwined hearts, or entwined rings as a symbol of your love for them.
  • You should get a tattoo. A creative design that leaves room for future babies can serve as a lasting memory of each of your children.
  • Plant a flowering bush or tree. If you want to commemorate every child, plant a tree or place a plaque.

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Thank you for answering the prayers for this child.

Instead of rain, seek the rainbow.

Your birth made all the stars in the universe dance.

Your rainbow will be brighter the more intense the storm.

One blessing will often be replaced by another unexpectedly when one is lost.

A rainbow is impossible without rain.

We are so lucky to have her as the gold at the end of the rainbow.

You can’t compare the pain you’ve been experiencing with the joy that’s coming.

When we hold someone for a short time, we hold them in our hearts forever.

Just recently, I spent nine months on the inside. Both of my parents are currently serving life sentences.

Nothing can come to life without darkness, just as nothing can bloom without light.

I have never received such a blessing in life as you, my baby girl, have.

Even though I am currently carrying another child, my first child will always be in my heart.

My baby’s birth was recorded by an angel in the book of life. As she closed the book, she whispered, ‘There is nothing like you on earth.

When the storm ends, everyone anticipates seeing the rainbow.

We feel renewed hope and boundless love when we see rainbow babies.

Whenever the sun emerges from a storm and a rainbow appears all around us, we are filled with joy.

True, at some point over the rainbow, you dream, and then they come true.

It is not all rainbows and sunshine in life. Stormy moments are balanced by rainbows that bring joy.

The rainbow provided a symbol of joy, beauty, and power.

A rainbow reminds us that even when the clouds are darkest, the winds are fiercest, there is still beauty.

Our miracles grow from difficulties.

Having a rainbow baby brings hope and love to everyone.

You were on your way, so God placed a rainbow in the sky to let me know.

The beautiful rainbow appeared after I prayed to God in the sky.

Rainbows remind us that hope is eternal as they gently kiss the Earth.

When I paint the sky with a big enough brush, I’d paint a rainbow arch around you and me.

My baby could be the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Our rainbow is complete with her.

Rainbow guarders don’t like people whose actions get in the way of the sun.

Follow a rainbow trail, a pathway full of song, and you will see beauty all around you. Through every dark cloud, there is a rainbow trail.

The colors of the rainbow bring love down to Earth.

The reason babies smile in their sleep is that they hear the whisper of angels.

May you always know how much I wish for, wish for, pray for, and wanted you, my precious little one.

Having a baby changes everything about you. You realize why you wake up every day for the very first time.

The fruit of patience is sweet, but the path to patience is bitter.

My heart is marked by your fingerprints.

An angel will guard you on your way to the place you have prepared, and I will send an angel in front of you to bring you there.

A mother’s strength can sometimes surpass the laws of nature.

In your heart, sometimes you value the smallest things most.

It was God who sent you in my life in order to remind me that there is God, to show me that love exists in this world, and to give me hope and joy. In you, I can find all the proof that God exists. My life is blessed to have you in it.

In love all things are possible, all things are believed, all things are hoped, all things are endured. Love never comes to an end. 

The land is a happier place when a rainbow smiles.

We all face challenges in life, but with every challenge, there are rainbows and lights for us to overcome.

Rainbows make my heart leap when I see them in the sky.

You can see the world in rainbow colors.

I know I’m loved when I see a rainbow.

When I remember the colors of the rainbow again, it’s as if I can’t remember where I’ve put them.

When a baby looks into your eyes, there is joy, laughter, hope, trust, and a chance to change the future.

Mothers’ love for their children is hard to describe. It knows no law and knows no pity.

Where the rainbows are hidden can be found by following the rain clouds.

The rainbows are sorry for the angry skies.

I hope you liked all of our Meaningful Rainbow Baby Quotes and will use them in your wishes for the rainbow baby of your family.

Here are a few Rainbow Baby Parent’s Stories:

Her firstborn, Altair, died during birth, but Shema and her husband Ian were able to deliver 2 rainbow babies with the help of our specialist team in Manchester.

The traumatic loss of Shema led to her diagnosis of a rare placenta disorder called Chronic Histiocytic Intervillositis (CHI). Her health condition was not treatable before she became pregnant again.

In December 2018, Shema and Ian welcomed a rainbow baby, Faris, under Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic’s guidance. As the pandemic hit heights in April 2020, they welcomed a new member, Lyra Joy. You can read Shema’s full story here.

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