Should I Wake Newborn From A Long Nap? Myth busters

The most common query that new mothers tend to have while looking at their baby sleeping is, “Should I wake newborn from a long nap?”

Dear mommies, calm your stressful thoughts because it’s absolutely fine to wake your newborn from a long nap. Sometimes, waking your baby up is a good strategy. 

Chances are, you might be rolling your eyes and wondering about how bizarre my thoughts can get, but this is true. You might be working hard to put your baby to sleep, but it is better to break the sleep cycle and wake your baby up in some cases. It might help you in resolving other issues that can arise due to your child’s oversleeping

Also, if you have a baby that is between three to six months of age, it is better to wake the baby up and break the chain of an entire day’s napping, ensuring that your child takes proper rest at night. Otherwise, it can become a very long night for your child without sleep. However, you might face troubles while breaking this cycle. But, the key is to keep trying the next day if it gets messy any day to break your child’s sleep cycle. 

Should I wake newborn from a long nap? – Decoding the myth.

So, to break the myths and solve your never-ending thought that keeps whispering to you, “Should I wake a newborn from a long nap?”, here are 5 things that’ll be fruitful and relatively better if you wake your newborn up. 

1. Ensuring safety 

There might be times when you tend to miss out on your baby’s safety while placing the baby to sleep. Make sure you keep essential baby items away while your baby is sleeping. Ensure a proper sleeping posture to avoid any dangerous twists or turns.

As a new parent, proper guidance is required to ensure proper sleep. Safety is one of them. If you are in any danger dilemma, it is better to wake them up after a nap. Fix all these safety precautions and make sure you lay your baby to sleep at night again. It should just be the baby and the bed. 

2. Checking the nap time

As a newborn, there’s nothing much the baby can do, except eating, pooping, sleeping.

Haha! That’s about it. I know you are struggling with it. It’s okay, you’ll get there. 

But, as a parent, you need to know that sleep surpassing 3 hours should not be an option. It is one of the most common mistakes that new parents make. Hence, to avoid this, it is better to wake up your baby. 

It is always preferred to fix your newborn’s sleep schedule and master it once the baby begins to grow. Changes in the baby’s sleep pattern are bound to happen that way, but it is better not to keep your growing baby to sleep for a long time. 

Sometimes, the newborn’s sleep tends to surpass, but this can reinforce sleep-related issues while growing. Safe sleep regulations and best sleep practices help parents stay updated and help them decide what’s best for their kid. 

3. Clearing the confusion between day and night 

It is pretty evident for your newborn to have an air of confusion between day and night. Also, owing to the age-old traditions and grandma’s suggestions to never disturb your newborn while sleeping, you let your baby have a good night’s sleep during the day. But, at the same time, you might wonder, why does your child stay up all night and demand your attention, disturbing your precious sleep?

If you wish to tick the internal and natural clock of your newborn child, it’s better to wake your newborn from a long day’s nap. The cardiac heart rhythm will help the baby have a better sleep at night. 

4. Resolve issues of night waking 

New parents tend to have sleepless nights because their baby keeps them up all night. Once the baby starts growing, they tend to have a much better and regular sleeping schedule. Also, during your pregnancy days, your grandma might have prepared you for having long and sleepless nights for the initial three months. But, it’s time to break these barriers and help your baby have a regular sleep schedule from the beginning. 

A night’s sleep is restored, and hence, it is essential. So, without thinking deeply about whether I should wake newborns from a long nap, try and do this to help your baby have better, more comfortable, and restore sleep at night. 

5. Feeding the baby

There might be times when you think that your newborn is having a peaceful sleep and consider not waking it up. But, after a while, your newborn wakes up naturally and cries out. The reason behind this is that your baby is hungry. 

So, to avoid such a situation, it is better to keep all speculations aside and wake up your baby for a feed. 


Wakey Wakey, little one!

It is better to break the age-old traditions and norms. To better your newborn’s sleep, you should consider splitting the sleep cycle and waking your baby from a long nap. Gone are the days when babies used to sleep all day and keep you up all night. It’s better to take steps and help your newborn with the regular human sleep schedule after they are born. 

No more sleepless nights for you, mommy and daddy! 🙂

Should I wake newborn from a long nap

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